Roger Federer Top 7 Most Memorable Victories

Roger Federer: Top 7 Most Memorable Victories

Roger Federer: Top 7 Most Memorable Victories

Roger Federer is a champion of the tennis court, and we have come to reveal all of the greatest moments from this star player. Federer’s winning reputation has sprouted quite a number of the most memorable victories on the court, so read on to see our ranking of his best ones!

Number Seven: U.S. Open of 2008

The U.S. Open of 2008 was considered to be one of Federer’s most epic wins. He utterly conquered opponent Andy Murray with a set of victories scored at 6-2, 7-5, and 6-2 again. His performance surprised the whole world, including a very taken-aback Andy Murray.

Number Six: The Wins of Roger Federer at the U.S. Open of 2004

Federer made history with his success in the 2004 U.S. Open by becoming the first player in all of tennis history to obtain his first four Grand Slam titles at the historical event. With this legendary year, the player’s career experienced quite a remarkable turn to fame.

Number Five: Australia Open 2007

This tennis star encountered another record-breaking feat at the Australia Open of 2007. In this game, Federer became the second man in all of tennis world history to conquer the match without dropping a single set. Humbly, the remarkable man stole the fame away from Ken Rosewell, who accomplished the same feat in 1971.

Number Four: The Wimbledon Match of 2003

This legendary match became a star of the headlines as Federer proved his talents to the world. In this event, the tennis star scored a remarkable set of wins against Mark Philippoussis with leading games of 7-2, 6-2, and 7-6.

Number Three: The Wimbledon Match of 2007

This particular match was the talk of the world when the world’s most renowned players faced off: Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal. Every point counted as the Swiss Maestro slid his way to victory, and matched the record winnings of Bjorn Borg with a total of five consecutive Wimbledon wins.

Number Two: The French Open of 2009

In this remarkable year, Federer obtained the winning title from the French Open for the first time in his career. It was a comeback that marked a milestone for his tennis reputation, as spectators never expected this win from the star’s thrice-failing years previously played at the French Open.

Number One: The Wimbledon Victory of 2012

The Wimbledon match of 2012 turned heads for tennis lovers all over the globe. With this victory against the intimidating Pete Samprass, Federer finally topped the charts of ATP ranking. Along with this win, he also achieved the coveted title as one of the greatest players to ever step upon the tennis league courts. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of Roger Federer’s top seven most memorable victories!

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