Ruckazoid - Don't Let Me Go (She Aint Mad At It)

Ruckazoid – Don’t Let Me Go (She Aint Mad At It)

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Bay Area hip-hop musician, Ruckazoid’s, video for “Don’t Let Me Go (She Ain’t Mad At It)” is a sleek visual experience set entirely in black and white. Combining 3D animation and realism, the video begins by focusing on a hypnotizing geometric structure rotating in the distance. Set on what appears to be a deserted tropical island, the camera trails through palm trees and shrubbery until we run into the first signs of life. An army of metallic, female cyborgs march their way toward the structure, seeming to be drawn to it by some unknown force as their chilling environment pulses along to the song’s seductive bass. While these visuals manage to complement the slow, R’n’B-inspired rhythms of the song, viewers are left to ponder the context of the mysterious, somewhat eerie world in which we’ve been place. The surreal music video switches between scenes of the cyborgs singing along as Ruckazoid pleads, “Baby don’t let me go.”

Directed, designed and animated by Alexander Dueckminor:
Produced, written and performed by Ruckazoid:

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