Sage The Gemini ft. Trey Songz: 'Guantanamera' Single Review

Sage The Gemini ft. Trey Songz: ‘Guantanamera’ Single Review

Sage The Gemini ft. Trey Songz: 'Guantanamera' Single Review

Dominic Wynn Woods a.k.a Sage The Gemini made quite an impression with his debut studio album Remember Me in 2014. This is the album that gave us hit songs like “Gas Pedal,” “Red Nose” and “Down on Your Luck.” “Gas Pedal” later had a remix featuring the one and only Justin Bieber and this goes to show you how highly successful the song was. Sage The Gemini is now here with the gentleman that knows a lot about doing “things” in slow motion – Trey Songz. This single is titled “Guantamera,” and it is another one for the clubs.

“Guantanamera” sees Sage and Trey Songz rap about their stunning women from Guantanamo. What’s a song about stunning women without a “sick” ride and lots of money to go with it? All that is in there. This is the sort of track that makes the bad girls more desirable than they already are. Think about it, a woman from Guantanamo irrespective of what she may look like is “bad girl” enough for anyone. What could she have done to end up there? I must say I find the title of the song “Guantamera” and the reference to “bad bitches” extremely metaphorical.

Trey’s catch vocals bring you into the song as he vocalizes in the back ground for the intro. Sage comes in and the heavy beats blaze up the entire song. It is one of those head bumping, shoulder leaning kind of songs. The beat is infectious, an aspect that defines Sage the Gemini and his music. However, as an artist diversity is one of the things we expect from you as fans, and an alteration of the beats could play to your advantage sometimes. Have a sound but do not let it sound too alike on every song. “Guantanamera” survived that criticism narrowly and I hope Sage The Gemini will give us a different sound on upcoming projects.

“She’s always complaining, she says that I am a player,” Sage knows he is a mess but guess what! He’s got a “bad bitch” from Guantanamo. He doesn’t know her name but he knows where she came from and that’s Guantanamo. His lyrics remain excitingly compelling throughout the song and they blend well with the party scene the song is aimed at.

If you like to party or like to imagine that you have a “bad bitch,” “Guantanamera” is that song for you. If you are a club DJ and you are looking for something fresh to hype up the crowd, “Guantanamera” is at your disposal. From Sage The Gemini, this is an awesome song. Trey Songz is always up for a challenge and as we already know by now, a rap challenge is a zone is he too comfortable in now. All this is evident when you listen to “Guantanamera,” a song that combines two artists with great skills on a good beat.

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