Sam Hunt: 'House Party' Single Review

Sam Hunt: ‘House Party’ Single Review

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Country newcomer Sam Hunt is continuing to take radio listeners by storm with the release of his sophomore single, House Party. Off his first album, Montevallo,House Partyfollows the success of his breakout single, Leave the Night On, which debuted earlier this Summer. It was met with much positivity, and the success of it left Hunt fans hungry for another single from him.

They received this catchy track which depicts a homebodys greatest dream a house party with Sam Hunt and his soothing vocals. What could be better? Lets rewind to 2004 when Shania Twain came out with her songParty for Two, which featured Billy Currington. This concept of staying home with a person youre interested in as opposed to going out to another smoke-filled bar has resonated for a while, and someone has finally picked up the songwriting torch again. After Hunt declares that If youre gonna be a homebody / Were gonna have a house party, more and more girls might find themselves staying in and Hunt might find himself a little overbooked!

Hunt is certainly a talented musician, and House Partyis no doubt catchy; both are a prime example of modern country music. Those who dont listen to country music too often sometimes define it based off of stereotypes — “people singing about farms and tractors and stuff, which has some credibility (let us not forget She Thinks My Tractors Sexy exists), but modern country is a stark contrast to that. For example, House Partyuses few to none of the current buzz words in country music this house party isnt taking place on a dirt road, in a driveway, or in the backseat of someones truck. The concept itself is relatively new.

While this is a welcomed change of scenery from all the bars to which artists are suddenly flocking, it prompts the question of whether or not its country. Current country artists are experimenting more and more with different sounds and beats, which is great for them as artists, but how can one define country nowadays? By the instruments they use, the twang of their voice, or other factors? The jurys still out, which allows Hunt to keep doing his refreshing thing.

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