Sam Smith Featured in 'Vogue' Magazine in March

Sam Smith Featured in ‘Vogue’ Magazine in March

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Sam Smith will be featured in March issue of Vogue magazine. Although most people feel like being too open is not a good thing, the singer feels the complete opposite way. “I find that the danger of giving too much away excites me. So I give you everything. ‘Make mistakes.’ I tell myself,” Smith told Vogue magazine. The pop singer said he’s young, and so he tells himself to fall in love with as many people as possible, even if it means getting hurt. “I need to go through all of this to feel human. Because my life right now, how I’m living, isn’t very human,” Smith said to Vogue magazine.

Sam Smith’s less than human life was very evident on Grammy night. The soulful singer was nominated for six Grammys, and he managed to dominate the event with four major award wins. One of the awards Smith won that night was Best New Artist, an award The Beatles, Sade, Cyndi Lauper, Mariah Carey, Adele, and John Legend also received. The Grammy-winning artist told the magazine he’s not concerned with the criticism he has been getting for being so honest. “People think that because I’m being honest and talking about pain it’s sad, but to me it’s empowering. Talking about my deepest and darkest secrets to the world makes me feel better,” Smith said. He added, “It’s cathartic. And that’s a bit f–cked up, if I’m honest, but it helps me.” Despite what some people may believe, Smith said he is a very happy person. Smith also told the magazine he plans on directing his own music videos in the near future, and he is also looking into going to film production school in New York.

In the meantime, the singer is focused on prepping his new album and his new love interest, model Jonathan Zeizel. Sam Smith may be as open as a book, but he draws the line when it comes to not being classy. The singer didn’t say any names, but he feels some of his fellow pop musicians are losing class. “We’re losing class. There is a way to share an insight into your personal life without being classless, which is what I’m trying to do,” Smith told Vogue. He added, “Let’s not get our asses out, people. Let’s put on a suit.”

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