Scott Stapp and His Wife Will Join 'Couples Therapy'

Scott Stapp and His Wife Will Join ‘Couples Therapy’

Creed‘s Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn will take part in VH1’s Couples Therapy this season. The celebrity couples reality show is in its sixth season, and it will premiere on VH1 some time this year. Stapp recently spoke out about coping with bipolar disorder, and his struggles with the mental illness. The rocker’s wife filed for divorce last year, which prompted Stapp to reveal he was homeless and facing poverty. Stapp’s admission of being homeless was recorded on a video, for which he posted on Facebook. During the online video, the singer went on a rant stating the government had stolen all of his money.

Stapp accused his wife of trying to get him committed to a mental hospital, and he also stated Jaclyn had falsely accused him of doing drugs. Jaclyn’s divorce documents contained text messages from Stapp that insinuated the rocker may have been suffering from paranoia. “Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way,” one of Stapp’s text messages read. Another text message stated,”I wouldn’t doubt it if the CIA is behind Alcoholics Anonymous.” Stapp recently explained his bizarre behavior to People magazine. “I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse. I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car,” the rocker told the magazine.

Stapp also revealed he and his wife have reconciled, and she has helped him deal with his recent bipolar diagnosis. “It was hard to process. There’s a stigma associated with it. But Jaclyn kept telling me, ‘Embrace it. We love you.’ It became a big sign of relief because finally we had an answer,” Stapp told People. The other cast members on Couples Therapy include Janice Dickinson (former supermodel) and Robert “Rocky” Gerner, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola (Mob Wives) and Neil Murphy, Joe Budden (rapper) and Kaylin Garcia, and Carmen Carrera (Rupaul’s Drag Race) and Adrian Torres.

As the frontman of Creed, Stapp sold over 40 million albums worldwide. The band released four studio albums including My Own Prison, Human Clay, Weathered, and Full Circle. In 2005, the rocker released a solo project entitled The Great Divide. Eight years later, he dropped another solo album, Proof of Life.

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