Top 5 Horrific Stories of Serial Killer Survivors

Top 5 Horrific Stories of Serial Killer Survivors

Some of the more gruesome murders are committed by serial killers, and serial killer survivors are few and far between. However, these five stories are of people who somehow got away from intruders, murderers and these generally bloodthirsty people who simply wanted to kill. Read their haunting tales below.

Number Five: Corazon Atienza. In 1966, Corazon Atienza opened her apartment door to see serial killer Richard Speck, who was quite drunk. She thought he was harmless, so she let him into her and her roommate’s bedroom, only to realize that he had the intention to kill. He repeatedly raped, stabbed and assaulted the two girls for six hours. Corazon was eventually able to hide under a bed and had to hear her roommate die at Speck’s hand. Speck was too drunk to check if Corazon was dead, and he left. She was then able to go to her neighbor’s apartment and call the police. Speck was found and eventually died in prison.

Number Four: Bryan Hartnell. One of the few survivors of the famed zodiac killer, Bryan Hartnell fell victim to him during his spree in the ’60s and ‘70s. He was outdoors having a picnic with a friend when they were approached by a man dressed in all black and talking about all of the crimes he’s committed. He even called himself the zodiac killer as he tied them up and stabbed them until unconscious. The zodiac killer himself called the police, and Hartnell survived the attacks. Hartnell then went on to become a probate attorney.

Number Three: Serial Killer Survivor – Holly Dunn

Holly Dunn and her boyfriend were just relaxing by some railroad tracks when they saw a man come out of nowhere. He asked them for money, but when they told him they didn’t have any cash, he struck Dunn’s boyfriend with an icepick. Yes, Dunn was a victim of the famed “railway killer” who traveled by trains and killed many people along the way. The railway killer threw Dunn and her boyfriend into a ditch and dropped a large rock on her boyfriend’s head, killing him. He then proceeded to rape her and hit her until she was unconscious. Dunn survived the attacks, and the railway killer was put to death in 2006.

Number Two: Jennifer Asbenson. In 1992, Jennifer Asbenson needed a ride to work, so she decided to hitchhike. The hitchhiker who picked her up offered to wait at her work until she got off so he could take her home. Thinking she had just run into a stroke of luck, she agreed. However, once she got in his car after her shift, he threatened her with a knife and drove her into the desert. He then shoved her underwear in her mouth, cut her clothes off and sexually assaulted her. He strangled her and stuffed her in his trunk. Asbenson woke up in the trunk and was able to get out before he noticed. She escaped, but it took five years before her assailant was captured.

Number One: Rose Steward. In 1984, Rose Steward awoke in her home to a man holding a knife to her throat. She was raped repeatedly for more than five hours and lost consciousness twice. To get away, when she woke up the second time she started acting like she enjoyed being assaulted, and he left peacefully. She was then able to contact her neighbors and find safety. The man who tortured her is still in prison and has a death sentence.

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