Sir. O - Please Stop Talking (Official Music Video)

Sir. O – Please Stop Talking

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Please Stop Talking” by Sir. O is a humorous music video comprised of talking food, kitchen appliances, and various objects. The protagonist is a male hopeless romantic who prepares something special for a significant other. While the man bakes a cake in the shape of a heart, lips begin moving and singing along with this catchy pop rock track. Dairy products, fruits, and vegetables sing about a woman who is within reach but is also a competition. The music video perfectly conveys the lyrics of the track, because who wouldn’t want objects with mouths singing, “please stop talking, let’s start kissing / I’ve had enough of this conversation?” It’s painfully adorable, especially when the man begins to stir up a storm in the kitchen towards the climax of the song. Just when everything seems to go right, unfortunate events start occurring for the poor guy. So, “please stop talking” and enjoy the video.

Artist Sir. O
Production, Editing and Animation by Or Oron

Written by