Smelling the Plastic Flowers of a Salamander May Cause Hallucinations

Smelling Plastic Flowers May Cause Hallucinations

I don’t mean to advocate the use of illicit drugs, but I’m willing to bet that Salamander’s crazy new tune “Plastic Flowers” would work best to a psychedelic trip.  That being said, there’s many eastern religious symbols going on that even the sober could be fascinated with the eye candy on display.  I consider Plastic flowers a pretty impressive video even as someone who isn’t that into techno.  The video succeeds in bridging an outsider like me into the bass heavy and flashy world of techno.  For an up and coming group like Salamander that’s extremely good news to hear.
The techno duo Salamander formed in 2007 with the collaboration of respective DJs Pheonix and Kloette.  Under the guidance of electronic and techno pioneer producer Yu-Huan Lee, the two have helped evolve from typical dance music into an alternative electronic, breakbeat house band who actively perform live remixes with other artists and bands.  Salamander has already won many awards which have incidentally paved the way for this mind0warp of a music video to be made.
Describing what happens in the video is a lot like describing eight hundred punds of jello oozing over the Brooklyn Bridge: explaining it is possible but can’t come close to doing justice to the event.  It starts with the entire universe (big place to start) and then transitions to a man in a hospital bed for a few seconds before again tensioning to a DJ on a roof.  As the beat plays from the speakers, computerized lifeforms swarm over the DJ, who takes hovering creatures with far more courage than anyone else I know.  Many tadpole like organisms begin dancing around to the music before the DJ appears to blow up in a puff of smoke.  And that’s just the first part!  From a video standpoint the creatures captivated me with their originality.  There are many hollywood films that couldn’t come close to this independent video in terms of feature design.
If you’re in the mood for techno then by all means check out this video.  Even if techno isn’t your thing the creatures present in it are something to behold, with a special shout out to the god-like being at the end.  A fusion of a hindu god and a Final Fantasy boss, the weird and wild nature of this video makes it a terrific addition to FDRMX.  If you’re looking to compliment a good time then by all means listen to this video with some giant speakers.  Just don’t be too surprised if jellyfish start to appear around you.  That’s part of the fun.

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