Smoking: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Smoking: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Smoking is a lifestyle choice embraced by many, but sadly most people are not as educated as they should be to make this decision. To fill you in on not only the pressing facts of this habit but also the most interesting tidbits of information about its nature, we have compiled an extensive list to educate you on everything (good or bad!) that you didn’t know about life decision. Don’t forget to come back soon to see our part two article, revealing the top eight most surprising facts of all about smoking!

Number Fifteen: The Mass Effect

We have all heard the spiel about how smoking cigarettes will kill you, but if it doesn’t, it will shorten your life. Scientists estimate that every cigarette that is smoked will reduce the life span of an individual by 11 minutes. In heavy smokers, the minutes add up.

Number Fourteen: The Chemical Mix

When a person chooses to smoke a cigarette, it’s not like they aren’t aware that they are breathing a slew of chemicals. A cigarette is, by nature, combusting matter from which you are inhaling fumes. The burning of any material will expose you to thousands of chemicals from the reaction to fire, and a single commercial cigarette will produce about 4,800 of those chemicals. Like most chemicals released by fire, these pollutants are considered carcinogenic (they correlate to cancer).

Number Thirteen: Smokers Are Guilty

Not a whole lot of smokers take pride in their lifestyle choice; most often, it was a childhood mistake that affected them for life. Of all of America’s smokers, it is estimated that roughly 69% would prefer not to indulge in the habit. However, their will says otherwise.

Number Twelve: Cheating the Law

Surprisingly, there is a loophole in the laws of minors smoking cigarettes. Contrary to popular belief, it is completely within the law for a minor to smoke a cigarette. The issues with law arrive when a minor purchases tobacco or someone else purchases it for them.

Number Eleven: Secondhand Smoke

If you do choose to make this lifestyle choice, please do your best to be a courteous smoker and keep your distance from non-smokers and at-risk bystanders (children, seniors). Because of prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke, roughly 50,000 people in the United states die each year.

Number Ten: Hitler and Smoking

Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler was one of the first people to take a stand against cigarettes. Hitler released the first ever campaign in history to diminish the mass numbers of cigarette smokers.

Number Nine: Tupac’s Ashes

As crazy as it may seem, Tupac lives on in the lungs of his band mates. After he passed, the iconic rapper was cremated, and his ashes were sprinkled into a blunt that the band smoked in his honor. Don’t forget to come back soon to see our part two article, revealing the top eight most surprising facts of all about smoking!

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