Smoking: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Smoking: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Smoking: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Our part one article with the first seven surprising facts that you didn’t know about smoking really filled you in on the pressing matters, but part two is even more informative. Whether you approve or disapprove of this habit, everyone should be educated about the details of its nature. If you would like to learn more, simply read on and discover our top eight most surprising facts that you didn’t know about smoking!

Number Eight: The Devil’s Habit

In history, it took a while for cigarettes to be introduced into European culture. A European man first learned of smoking cigarettes from native people but was thought to be possessed by the devil when he kept up the habit back home.

Number Seven: The Fine Print

If you are a smoker with an Apple brand computer, you should take a look at the fine print on that warranty. The Apple Company is very serious about smoking near their computers, as evidence of doing so will actually void the device’s warranty.

Number Six: Smoking Other Substances

When the dangers of smoking are addressed by the media, they focus primarily on tobacco for the subject’s relevance. It often goes unknown that natural substitutes are available for the habit. Herbal cigarettes, kinnickinnick, and marijuana have grown in recent popularity due to the reduced harmful effects. Smoking the fumes of any ignited substance can be harmful to your health, although modern tobacco has a lot of added chemicals that make it worse for you than any other “natural” substance. It might still be a little bad for you, but why eat Kraft Singles when you could have premium cheddar?

Number Five: Freud’s Habit

Sigmund Freud was a notorious smoker in his day, and his habit often led to complications. Over his life span, the man underwent more than 30 surgeries relating to cancer because of smoking, but he never even tried to quit the habit.

Number Four: John Adam’s First Cigarette

We have all been known to make some regrettable decisions in our childhood. In fact, most of America’s smokers probably contracted the habit as a minor who made a bad choice that affected them for life. John Adams was one of the people who decided to start smoking early, and had his first cigarette at the young age of eight years.

Number Three: Cosmetic Affect

You have heard all of the horror stories about aging skin and tooth loss, but do you know that it ages your pretty head of hair as well? Most people aren’t aware, but a smoker’s hair grays much faster than the hair of non-smokers. In fact, it can start to age as many as 10 years premature.

Number Two: Delivery Method

Many people are under the impression that pipe and cigar smoking is less harmful than cigarettes, but this isn’t exactly true. While chemical-washed commercial cigarettes may contain a large number of harmful ingredients, it is likely that the tobacco smoked from a pipe or cigar are every bit as chemically altered. Unless you have grown and dried it yourself, the content should not be trusted as “safer”.

Number One: Got to Get That Fix

The infamous Hindenburg was a passenger airship was a magnificent work of technological progress that sadly ended in tragedy. This massive icon was filled with 7 million cubic feet of compressed and highly flammable hydrogen gas, but that didn’t stop the crew from embracing their bad habits. In fact, they had a whole room dedicated to getting your cigarette fix. We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the 15 surprising facts you didn’t know about smoking!

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