Snoop Dog Helps PSY and His Hangover

Snoop Dog Helps PSY with His Hangover

PSY Snoop DoggPhoto Courtesy of Youtube

PSY has released another Youtube video and this time he’s recruited some A-List help. Rapper Snoop Dogg features on PSY’s newest music video “Hangover”. The video contains the hilariously nonsensical behavior the world has come expect from PSY’s music videos. The added bonus this time is watching Snoop Dogg prance around and commit embarrassing actions alongside the Korean superstar.

The video follows Snoop Dogg and Psy as the two have a wild night on the town. Predictably, massive amounts of alcohol feature in the video with a standout sequence being a table fulled with shot glasses arranged as dominoes. The comedy highlight occurs when Psy and Snoop Dogg are beset with beer goggles that transform two middle aged women into young supermodels. The four proceed to continue their wild night with karaoke and awkward slow dances.

The song itself is a flurry of electronic beats and never ending noise. Supposedly this onslaught of volume is to simulate the feeling of waking up after a few too many drinks. The chorus is nothing but constant, blaring repetition of the word “Hangover” at a very loud volume. One thing is for certain: This is definitely not a song you want to listen to while hungover.

PSY (real name Park Jae-Sang) was crowned king of Youtube two years ago when his video “Gangam Style” became the first video to hit one billion (and later two billion) views on the site, dethroning the two year champion “Baby” music video by Justin Bieber. Since then he’s released the followup videos “Oppa Is Just My Style” (22nd most watched on Youtube) and the 2013 release “Gentlemen” (7th most watched).

Snoop Dogg’s involvement would seem a random choice if not for the plethora of random things already in the video. Because of this, Snoop feels oddly at home with all the madness around him. “I can’t stop. Making bottles pop until the wheels go out,” Raps Snoop Dog. “I can’t quit. I wake up in the morning do the same s–t.”

Check out the video yourself right here. Our bet is that it’s only a matter of time before it joins “Gentlemen” and “Gangam Style” in the top ten.

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