Spotify: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 2)

Spotify: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 2)

Spotify: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 2)
Spotify: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 2)

If our part one article with the first seven things you never knew about Spotify hasn’t changed your music streaming loyalty yet, our part two article might just do the trick! You have been waiting, and we have finally brought you the final eight things you never knew about Spotify that might just change your whole music perspective!

Number Eight: Goodbye to Piracy. Music apps, websites, and other streaming services have vastly reduced the piracy of music. Estimated to be about 1.8% of what it was in 2008, piracy has dropped to about 210 million tracks from the absurd 1.2 billion pirated tracks it once was. Now that listeners can stream, artists are finally receiving their hard earned money.

Number Seven: No Beatles. Spotify is renowned for its extensive listening options, although one band you may never hear on their stations is the Beatles. You may not have noticed yet, but there are many artists not offered on this service because of contractual agreements with other services. For example, the Beatles is only available online through iTunes, after their record company completed an exclusive deal with Apple.

Number Six: All the Zeppelin. Though there are many artists not on Spotify, it is sometimes the only location you may find a particular artist. For example, take Led Zeppelin. After an exclusive deal with Led Zeppelin, the app gained elite streaming rights to the band.

Number Five: The Virus. Spotify has definitely had its fair share of technical issues. In 2010, the service was detected as malware by the Symantec antivirus software. Millions of users had to cope with the computer issues, and amends had to be made.

Number Four: Get Lucky. With the help of Spotify, the Daft Punk track ‘Get Lucky’ achieved the breaking of three records- all in one day! Upon its release, it exceeded the records for most single-day streams in both the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, it also kicked Justin Timberlake out of first place for most streams on the day of release.

Number Three: Music Hours. In 2013, Spotify users broke records in the realm of music streaming. With over 24 million listeners worldwide, the company reported that 4.5 billion hours of music had been streamed in the course of a year.

Number Two: Embedding. For the long-time loyal customers, you may remember how easy it once was to embed a song from the company’s website to another website or social media. Sadly, however, this process underwent changes that made it more irksome; though you can still accomplish the task.

Number One: The Other Apps. Pre-2014, Spotify had a sort of app store for apps that they endorsed. However, they later removed this feature. This is probably news to you, considering no one really noticed this special aspect, nor did anyone notice when it was gone.

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