Stoney - We Belonged (Official Music Video)

Stoney – We Belonged

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Follow a tale of joy and sorrow in Stoney’s music video for “We Belonged.” Shot with beautiful filters that accentuate how gorgeous the landscape is and how blurred memories become over time. A rugged-faced man in a black suit stands mourning over a white cross headstone under a lone tree in a field until he is joined by an older man, also in mourning black. Memories are flooding the first man’s mind, and the flood turns to deluge when the older man hands him a letter. We see a small boy in a cowboy hat, with a rifle slung across his back, running around the farm. We see a pretty young girl standing under a tree wearing a necklace with a key as the pendant. Later, it’s clear the two childhood sweethearts grew up and got hitched under the tree where they met. Their happily ever after is no fairy tale though, as life complications threaten menacingly over their happy home.

Written and performed by Mark Stoney
Directed by Jeremy Ward and James Parker
Director of Photography Joe Williams
Art Direction Rose Barnett
Executive Producer – David Strassman

Album More Than Animals on Bandcamp:

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