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Stunning Secrets Of Bella Hadid That Only Few People Know About

Stunning Secrets Of Bella Hadid That Only Few People Know About

Bella Hadid is one of the hottest models on the scene right now! Known for being The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend and Gigi Hadid’s younger sister, Bella has come a long way in establishing her own name. These days, everyone knows who Bella Hadid is and everyone has been dying to know more about her. The young model has been seen strutting her stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as well as on the streets in her signature fashion looks. However, did you know that there are a ton of secrets about Bella Hadid that very few people actually know about. You’ll be shocked to hear about secrets details from her break-up with The Weeknd along with her celebrity friendships with Kendall & Kylie Jenner.

15. She’s A Natural Blonde


Bella Hadid is known for being the total opposite of her sister in the fashion world. In fact, her brunette locks are her signature look. However, would you believe us if we told you that she is actually a natural blonde?! Bella actually dyes her hair so that she could stand apart from her sister and not be confused with her. It seems to have done her justice because everyone loves her brunette hair.

14. She’s A Nationally Ranked Equestrian


Before her love of modeling began, Bella was actually an avid horse rider. In fact, she was a Nationally Ranked Equestrian player before her modeling career. She actually wanted to compete in the2016  Olympics but seems that life had different plans for her. However, the model will still post photos of herself on horses whenever she starts to reminisce about her past love.

13. She Studied Photography In College


Before she decided to get in front of the camera, Bella actually wanted to become a professional photographer. In fact, she studied photography in college at the Parsons School of Design. She hoped to become a professional photographer for top brands. However, instead she managed to model for some of these huge brands instead.

12. Her Breakup With The Weeknd Was Her First Heartbreak

Image: Mashable

Believe it or not, but Bella Hadid’s first break-up was with R&B singer, The Weeknd. The Weeknd and Bella dated for quite a while and it was major when the two of them broke up. In fact, their breakup was on the cover of almost every news headline. After their breakup, The Weeknd went on to date pop singer Selena Gomez and Bella remained single for a while.

11. She Never Planned To Model


Although her older sister Gigi had already begun her modeling career, Bella still hadn’t wanted to join in. After all, she was more focused on photography and she was also a Nationally Ranked Equestrian Rider. She had a lot of other options in front of her and modeling wasn’t always in the front. Yolanda Hadid, mother of the two sisters, also stated that she didn’t want her daughters modeling before they were 18. She explicitly stated that she didn’t want her daughters to be judged based solely on their looks.

10. She’s Gotten Her Face Done


Although this rumor is still unconfirmed, it is pretty obvious that Bella Hadid looks quite unrecognizable from her younger self. According to sources closest to the model, she had always struggled with her looks and things only got worse when her sister began modeling. Also, according to the source, she took her father’s credit card and went to get some stuff done to her face.

9. She Was Friends With Kendall Jenner First


Believe it or not, but Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were friends long before Gigi became a model. You would think that it would be Gigi who introduced the true but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kendall Jenner also had a love of horses and the two of them immediately bonded over that. The two of them were actually ride horses together when they were growing up!

8. She Unfollowed Selena Gomez


When Bella Hadid heard about The Weeknd and Selena Gomez dating, she immediately unfollowed the singer on Instagram. It seems that seeing her ex-boyfriend with a new woman was too heartbreaking for her to handle. However, everyone immediately noted the observation and were tuned into the drama. Still, sources maintained that the two of them were not close friends to begin with.

7. She Liked And Unliked A Photo Of The Weeknd

Image: Billboard

It seems that after her breakup, Bella Hadid became very busy on social media. After finding out about Selena Gomez she not only unfollowed the female singer but she also unfollowed The Weeknd. However, reports soon stated that Bella had liked a photo about The Weeknd on TheShadeRoom’s Instagram profile. Everyone in the comments section began to wonder about it. Eventually Bella seemed to unlike the photo to keep the rumors at bay.

6. She Has Been Arrested


Back when she was only 17, Bella got herself into a bit of trouble with the law. She happened to be driving while under the influence with a suspended driver’s license. She didn’t stop at a stop sign and then managed to crash into the county sheriff’s patrol car. Bella failed her breathalyzer test and was forced to complete 25 hours of community service and 20 hours of alcohol meetings.

5. She Warned The Weeknd About Selena Gomez


It seems that Bella Hadid, who still had feeling for The Weeknd, called him on several occasions to warn him that Selena Gomez was just using him. Selena Gomez has been known to stir up relationship rumors quite often in the music industry and Bella was worried about The Weeknd. However,  The Weeknd called her jealous and wouldn’t listen. Just a few months after dating, however, Selena & The Weeknd broke up when rumors started up about Selena and her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

4. She Has Suffered From Lyme Disease


Yolanda Hadid wasn’t the only one in the family that was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It seems that Bella Hadid and her brother, Anwar, also suffered from it. “I couldn’t ride (horses). I was just too sick,” Bella explained. “And I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it.”

Emotionally, physically, mentally, in my health I feel so much stronger in so many ways and I am so grateful to all who have supported me, believed in me and stood by me,” Bella explained.

3. She Was Quite Popular On Keek


Back when Keek, an app similar to Snapchat, was popular, Bella Hadid had it wrapped around her finger. She was quite popular on the app and everyone loved to follow her and see her daily antics. On the app you could post 30-second videos and Bella was always uploading and keeping others entertained!

2. She Was Awarded’s Breakout Star

Image: Vogue

After walking down the Victoria’s Secret runway and posing for top fashion campaigns, Bella’s career began to quickly skyrocket. So it is no wonder that she was awarded’s Breakout Star. She has been working hard to build up her career and she has obviously been doing an amazing job.

1. She was Awarded Model of the Year

Image: Fashionista

With the way her career has been skyrocketing it is no wonder that Bella Hadid won Model of the Year at the Front Rows Los Angeles Awards. Bella showed up in a hot dress in order to accept the award with her ex, The Weeknd by her side. She thanked everyone that had supported her along the way as well!

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