Swarovski: 8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Swarovski: 8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Swarovski: 8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know


Swarovski has been adding a touch of sparkling elegance to every ensemble for years, but how much do you really know about this company and their fine products? We have finally come to give you all of the juiciest details about Swarovski, and all you have to do is keep reading to find out!

Number Eight: The Real Crystals

When it comes to verifying a real crystal from this elegant company, there are a handful of tricks you can use. These crystals are completely unique in color, shine, and shape from their renowned glass-cutting technique. Most notably, an authentic crystal will bear facets that seem to point up, and meet at a center point. If they do not, it simply isn’t Swarovski.

Number Seven: The Unique Shape

Contrary to common belief that every crystal is different, each one is perfectly uniform. Although the shapes may be diverse, their unique cutting style ensures that each one has the same height, slope, and width.

Number Six: The Bubbles

Another key technique in identifying an imitation crystal is the presence of bubbles. Although imitators will often try to convince customers that bubbles may often appear in these jewels, an authentic Swarovski crystal will have no bubbles in the jewel.

Number Five: The Swarovski Company

This crystal manufacturer has been dedicated to providing elegant and cultured jewelry since their start in 1895. The renowned business sprouted in Wattens, Austria, and now sells to a clientele over 170 countries. With their unique glass-cutting technology, they have also expanded to produce the Tyrolit grinding, cutting, and polishing machinery company, as well as Swarovski Optik for nature-based optic accessories.

Number Four: A Family Company

As the company has operated for more than a decade, it has run by five generations of the elite family. Even in the hardest times for this business, they have always kept their executive board within the family. To date, their successful enterprise is run by as many as 30,000 employees, and makes about $2.33 billion in revenue.

Number Three: The Crystal Palace

In addition to creating fine jewelry, the Swarovski company has also ventured into a project called The Crystal Palace. In this line of products, these unique crystals are used to make stunning and technology-forward lighting fixtures fit for palaces. They have created chandeliers, high-tech decorations, and even a “future forward” digital crystal, which can be experienced at The Design Museum.

Number Two: The Swarovski Star

In 2015, this company graced the top of the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, holding up their tradition of 12 years. The 2015 star in particular was a stunning feat, weighing 550 pounds and reaching nine and a half feet in diameter. The panels to make the rays of the star were composed of 300 pounds-worth of 25,000 dazzling crystals.

Number One: The Crystal Composition

The appeal of a true Swarovski crystal is unlike any other fine jewel in the world. The reason these crystals are so unique is actually because they aren’t made solely of pure crystal. The recipe for these jewels include pure crystal glass, minerals, metals, and a touch of quartz. After being touched by the brilliance of the company’s one-of-a-kind glass cutters, these crystals gain a beauty like no other. We hope you enjoyed our list of the eight fun facts you didn’t know about Swarovski!

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