SwiftKey: 6 Things You Did Not Know 

SwiftKey: 6 Things You Did Not Know

SwiftKey: 6 Things You Did Not Know


If you are one to download apps to enhance or speed up your typing on an iPhone or an iPad, then you must be aware of Swiftkey. This app has gesture typing and artificial intelligence prediction which makes it really cool. It is also rated better than Swipe, TouchPal or Google Keyboard. It literally learns from you to make your life easier. It is dictionary synced too. The best feature of this app is that it’s free. It has recently made an update to their software and that has made its performance even better. Here are the six things you must know about SwiftKey now.

Number Six: It Is Free

Swiftkey is available free of charge from the App Store and is optimized for use in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.now.

Number Five: Typing Stats are Now Available

The Typing Stats will provide facts and figures regarding how much you have flowed, typed, corrected and predicted using SwiftKey. The feature is designed to show you exactly how much improvement SwiftKey has brought to your iOS typing.

Number Four: The Tap Map Is Also Available

The Tap Map allows one to see how SwiftKey has adjusted the keys behind the scenes to enhance and simplify your typing style. This feature sort of highlights what the app is meant for: recognizing one’s typing style and making smart adjustments to minimize errors and accelerate typing.

Number Three: SwiftKey is Multilingual Now

The international users will be pleased to know that SwiftKey now supports Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. This will not only add to their users but also increase the usage of current users.

Number Two: Customization

Although an old feature, but you can customize your keyboard on SwitfKey. You can resize the keyboard, add or delete number rows and arrows and you can also enable emoji predictions so you don’t have to look for the most popular ones over and over again.

Number One: Backup

If you reset your current phone or get a new set, you can still retain your SwiftKey’s data. Thanks to SwiftKey’s cloud backup, all your personal predictions will come with you.

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