Down Syndrome: 8 Celebrities Who Have Family Members with It

Down Syndrome: 8 Celebrities Who Have Family Members with It

Down Syndrome: 8 Celebrities Who Have Family Members with It

Down syndrome is disorder in which a child is born with a degree of cognitive impairments along with noticeable physical differences. This is a lifelong disorder, although much treatment exists to help those with down syndrome lead as fulfilling of lives as possible. Here are some famous people who have family members with down syndrome.

Number Eight: Sarah Palin has a Son with Down Syndrome

Sarah Louise Palin, the author, American politician, and former Alaskan Governor is no stranger to this disorder. Her son, Trig, has it.

Number Seven: John C. McGinley

This actor, John Christopher McGinley is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Cox on the popular TV show, Scrubs. He was born on August 3rd of 1959 and has a son named Max with the disorder.

Number Six: Jamie Foxx

We know Jamie Foxx from his acting in many popular movies including Ray and Django Unchained. Many of us were not aware, though, that he has a sister with down syndrom named DeOndra.

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Number Five: Cathy McMorris Rogers

Cathy Rogers was born in 1969. She is best known for being a U.S. Representative, and has a son named Cole who has this syndrome.

Number Four: Pete Sessions

Peter Anderson Sessions, better known as Pete is a politician from the United States who was born on March 22nd of 1955. This congressman has a son with this disorder named Alex.

Number Three: Gene Stallings

Eugene Clifton Stallings Jr., better known as Gene Stallings is a former American football coach. He also played the sport earlier in life at Texas A&M University. His son is named Johnny.

Number Two: Joe Diffie

Joe Logan Diffie was born in 1958, and is a famous country singer from the United States. He began as a demo singer back in the ’80s and eventually got signed with a big label, Epic Records.  His son, who has this syndrome, is named Tyler.

Number One: Albert Pujols (St Louis Cardinals)

This Dominican-American man was born in 1980 and went on to play for the iconic St. Louis Cardinals. His daughter is named Isabella. We hope you found our article informative, and thank you for reading.

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