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Teenager Discovers Abandoned Kittens And Soon Finds Out They’re More Dangerous Than He Thought

Teenager Discovers Abandoned Kittens And Soon Finds Out They’re More Dangerous Than He Thought

How would you react if you found a pair of adorable kittens on the side of the road? Would you leave them alone and pretend you never saw them? Would you take the kitten’s home with you? That’s the issue that this young Israeli teenager was dealing with when he made the craziest discovery of his life. It seems that the kittens he found were no ordinary kittens after all….

20. Discovery

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18-year-old Israeli teenager Hamdan Shibli was going to work at his usual time. Everything about his morning routine was to be expected, until he noticed something strange in the bushes on his morning walk. He was immediately filled with curiosity…

19. Closer Look

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Shibli decided that his best bet would be to head into the bushes and see what was rummaging around. He quickly discovered three tiny kittens on the side of the road. The young man decided to move the kittens aside so that no one would hurt them.

18. A Bush


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Shibli decided to move the kittens over to a nearby bush to keep them hidden from any other animals that might try to take advantage of them. He took a few pictures of the adorable kittens and went on to post them online. The Internet went mad when they saw the photos…

17. Shocked

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Shibli was absolutely blown away by the responses he received on the Internet. He immediately went back to the bush to check up on the kittens but still found no traces of their mother having been around. The kittens were all alone and had no one to care for them…

16. Weak & Defenseless

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The kittens were weak and suffering greatly from a lack of care. They had ticks and were malnourished. Shibli knew that if he didn’t do something that the kittens would surely die. So he brought a picnic basket with him and brought the kittens to the vet.

15. Unique Cats

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You see, the kittens that Shibli discovered were not an ordinary breed of cats at all. In fact, Internet users let him know that he had discovered a unique breed of wildcat. With that information, Shibli knew the cats would need special care.

14. Jungle Cat

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The cats that Shibli discovered are known as jungle cats. However, they’re not the type you’d typically find in a jungle. Many of them dwell in swampy areas and wetlands. They are usually native to central and southeastern parts of Asia.

13. Camouflage

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In order to stalk their prey and avoid getting hunted on, jungle cats typically have a striped outer coat. This allows them to blend in with their surroundings and as they age they lose their stripes and their coats turn a gray or red-brown color.

12. Carnivores


Despite their adorable exterior, the jungle cat is a carnivorous animal and loves to hunt down their prey. You can often find them munching down on fish, frogs, birds, and reptiles. Bigger ones have even been known to hunt down young gazelles.

11. Problematic

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While it is against the law to shoot and kill jungle cats throughout the world, the law isn’t enforced very often. Farmers can often be seen shooting at the cats as they hunt down their livestock. Still, being shot at isn’t their biggest threat either.

10. Endangered

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Reclamation of their land is the biggest silent killer of the jungle cat. To this day, the jungle cat population is continuing to decrease in size. Thailand has even listed the jungle cat as critically endangered species.

9. Lost Life

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Unfortunately, Shibli’s initiative didn’t help save all of the kitten’s lives. One of the kittens passed away from being far too weak. The other two continued to fight for their lives and made it through.

8. The Survivors

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The surviving kittens were then placed into the care of the wildlife hospital where they were treated with the utmost care. The vets at the hospital soon discovered that the kittens were only five weeks old. They all continued to help keep the two survivors alive.

7. Feeding

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Since the kittens were very weak and malnourished the first course of action was to get them the nutrition they so badly needed. Using a syringe, the vets fed the kittens milk in order to help them continue on with their growing process. This continued for quite some time…

6. Nutrition

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The vets continued to feed the cats in this manner until they continued to grow older. Once they had matured by quite a bit, the doctors were able to introduce soft foods into their diets so that they could get more minerals and vitamins.

5. Solid Food

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Eventually, after enough time had passed, the kittens were ready to try their luck with some solid foods. They fell in love with the food and the vets were happy, as this was a good sign on their road to recovery.

4. Happy Developments

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The kittens continued to develop and grow. They were getting stronger as the days went by and the vets were happy with the prognosis. However, they still stayed in vet care until the vets knew for sure that they were 100% ready to take on the great outdoors.

3. Vet Care

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The kittens have continued to stay under the watchful eye of the veterinarians. The vets have continued to care for them until they feel they are ready to be released into the wild. In the mean time, they are certainly enjoying their free meals.

2. Shibli’s Help

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Thanks to Shibli, these jungle cats now have a chance at surviving and continuing to reproduce. Their species will have a greater chance at increasing and thanks to social media, Shibli was aware enough to not bring wild cats into his own home.

1. Happy Ending

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It is always encouraging to see individuals go out of their way to help a defenseless animal when it needs it most. Be sure to share this amazing recovery story with your animal loving friends and family!

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