The 5 Most Unique Guinness Women World Records (Part 3)

The 5 Most Unique Guinness Women World Records (Part 3)

The 5 Most Unique Guinness Women World Records (Part 3)

How you look is usually indicative of how you feel. Plastic surgery has become so trendy that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. I believe people should do whatever makes them happy, but at what cost? Happiness shouldn’t come with a price tag. Some of these women are just embracing their natural beauty while others are willing to put themselves at risk in an effort to be unique. Without further ado, we present the five women with the most intriguing appearances.

Number One: Valeria Lukyanova. She is also known as the “Human Barbie.” The Internet celebrity says her title is degrading, but it’s hard not to ignore how similar she looks to the doll. Lukyanova, who know goes by the name Amatue, denies she has ever undergone plastic surgery. The only surgery she admits to is a restoration to enlarge her breasts.

Number Two: Atay Eligidagne. Last year, an Australian film crew stumbled upon Eligidagne while they were filming a documentary in Ethiopia. The young lady has the largest lip disc in the world, with a circumference of 60 centimeters. Eligidagne’s disc makes her a record holder of Guinness World Records.

Number Three: Penny Brown. Just one look at Brown, and you can see the strong resemblance to Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. She has gone to great lengths in order to look like Jessica Rabbit, which include shrinking her middle section by 15 inches (waist has gone from 38 inches to 23 inches). The tight corset Brown wears has caused her serious health issues, but Brown says she is willing to do anything to pay homage to her favorite cartoon character.

Number Four: Asha Zulu Mandela. Mandela has the longest dreadlocks in the world. Her dreadlocks are almost 55 feet long and they weigh over 40 lbs. It takes Mandela more than two days to wash her hair, but she says it’s well worth it. The Trinidad & Tobago native, who now lives in the US, says she will never cut her hair.

Number Five: Mayra Hills. Hills reportedly has the largest breasts in the world. The German model’s bra size is a 32Z. In case you’re wondering, Hills breasts are obviously not real. Hills is 5’6, 130 lbs, and wears a size three. Her over-sized breasts cause her severe back pain, but Hills claims she loves her look. The plastic surgery epidemic continues, and the average size of a woman’s bust size has increased to 36C (from 36B) due to the insurgence of plastic surgery.

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