The Best Way to Break Up

The Best Way to Break Up

The Best Way to Break Up

This is a guide for a true gentleman, who got cold regarding his lady but does not want to break her heart. OR you simply do not enjoy the whole drama thing: screams, quarrels, reminding each other the sacrifices you’ve made for the relationship, saying that life was a fairy tale that you’ve destroyed and those flying cups from your mother’s favorite tea set. The key thing is to act a little more tactfully if you want to avoid such sad consequences. Trust me, it will worth the effort.

There are two basic ways to break up with a woman: either you do your best to smooth all the sharp angles, or act as if you are an all-round jerk.

Do not

Guys, here is a top chart of the most bogus ways to break up with a girl, you used to love. Keep away from the following means, if you want to sleep tight.

Break up with a girl via texts, social networks, or via the phone. These are the easiest ways, which makes them so incredibly popular among different milk toasts. Note, once you do it, you become the biggest jerk for her, as well as for her besties. Thus, if you have ever thought about hooking up with one of her girlfriends, don’t even think about it. Female friendship is an ambiguous notion, although considering this specific situation they show unbelievable consensus.

Make up a stupid reason for the breakup. The dumber is the reason, the better it goes. Say, you are tired of her mother; the collection of plants that turned the apartment into a garden drives you nuts; you hate the way she sleeps – just make something up, and throw it out on your better half. I’m not a psychologist, but it obvious that men try to avoid taking on responsibility: you are so awesome, cause you were trying to save your relationship. But it did not work out, and it’s her fault. This is mean.

A row. Here is a key tip – try to dodge that huge vase going right into your head. And stay alert, because abandoned women are extremely vindictive. Besides, all these screams will get on your nerves.

Start discussing your personal life with everyone and wait until she finds out about it and breaks up with you first. Colleagues, friends, classmates, neighbors – all these people may be truly curious about your personal life, but this is not the best thing to do. Neither before breaking up with a girl nor after it.


If you believe that there is a universal remedy, you are mistaken, alas. There is no such a remedy. Whatever you do, you cannot make the break up joyful for both of you. However, you can try to smooth all the sharp angles and remain a gentleman for your ex. How to achieve such a result? Just calm down and have a heart-to-heart talk. Nobody says that it will be easy, but the conversation is something you have to go through during the breakup.

Sometimes a break-up is just a path to a more appropriate kind of relationships for both of you. Why not to check Russian single girls, just in case. Who knows, maybe your soul mate is waiting for you somewhere 4000 miles away from you.

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