The Big Pink - Hit the ground (Official Music Video)

The Big Pink – Hit The Ground

The Big Pink – Hit The Ground

The Big Pink’s video for their single “Hit The Ground” is both simple and touching, and switches between scenes of the band and close-up shots of beautiful strangers. The video begins with The Big Pink jamming in a room as the sunlight pours in behind them. The calming video then switches to shots of a couple sleeping, and after the man leaves the bed, we’re left to focus on the beautiful girl who continues to snooze.
Later, it transitions to fractured portrait shots of people with strange props (watermelons, headdresses, and retro sunglasses to name a few), scenes of these same people rising from their beds, and stills of statue heads, mannequins, and other sentimental items. Candid-like shots depicting carefree strangers and couples in love are sure to make viewers nostalgic. The heartwarming video ends with with a girl who refuses to “hit the ground” falling back into her bed, laughing.

Directed by Tim Brown:
Record Label: 4AD


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