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The Cutest Miniature Cow Ever Believes That She’s A Dog

The Cutest Miniature Cow Ever Believes That She’s A Dog

Moonpie is a miniature cow that was saved by the Rocky Ridge Refuge which is a sanctuary that’s located in Arkansas. This cute miniature cow was rescued from an auction where her original owner was looking to sell her. However, the rescuers had no idea that Moonpie was going through an identity crisis!

20. Moonpie is Saved

After being saved from the auction house, Moonpie was taken to the sanctuary. However, that’s where Moonpie surprised everyone by not wanting to hang out with the other cows and choosing the dogs instead.

19. Identity Crisis

It seems like this little cow is going through an identity crisis and she believes that she is a dog. Isn’t this the most adorable thing ever? Here’s how everything started.

18. Making New Friends

As soon as Moonpie arrived at the sanctuary, she started making new friends. To everyone’s surprise, she quickly befriended all the 12 dogs that were housed at the sanctuary. Check out what one of the rescuers had to say about this.

17. Friendly Miniature Cow

“She accepts them as her buddies. Babies like that – they don’t know a whole lot about what it’s supposed to be, so they kind of just accept things”, said Janice Wolf who is the founder of the Rocky Ridge Refuge. Her life at the sanctuary is amazing, check it out in the following slides.

16. The Auction House

Moonpie was lucky to be rescued by Janice Wolf and her coworkers because you can never know where Moonpie could’ve ended up. Make sure to check out these follow pictures because they are going to make your heart melt!

15. Cutest Miniature Cow Ever

As you can clearly tell, Moonpie loves her new friends and they love her too! Isn’t it amazing how Moonpie and the other dogs hang out together despite their differences? The next picture is ADORABLE!

14. Hanging Out

Janice Wolf says that the thing that Moonpie and her dog friends love to do the most is to hang out in the warm sun. You won’t believe where Janice Wolf keeps Moonpie!!

13. Where Does Moonpie Sleep?

“I don’t have a lot of room here, and it was cold and rainy, and that wasn’t good for the little calf. All my heated buildings were occupied with other critters”, said Janice Wolf. Where do you think Janice took Moonpie?

12. Moonpie Sleeps in Janice’s Bedroom

Not having any other place to take her in, Janice took Moonpie into her own bedroom! The hilarious thing about this is that Janice wanted this to be a temporary thing, but Moonpie had other plans.

11. Moonpie Is Not Leaving

“She ended up in my bedroom. I figured it would just be for a few days, but the weather just kept going whacky, so she’s been in there for the last six weeks”, says Janice Wolf. And the story doesn’t end here…

10. Having Fun

Despite being a little bigger than her dog friends, this isn’t stopping Moonpie from having fun with them. Moonpie and her friends run around the rescue sanctuary all day long. The rescuers say that this is amazing to see, especially since they’ve never heard about a cow who thinks that she is a dog. But what are the dogs ‘saying’ about their new friend?

9. The Dogs Love Her

To make things even better, the dogs love having Moonpie around! You won’t believe who is her best friend.

8. Spackle

Spackle is Moonpie’s best friend. Spackle is a deaf terrier and he doesn’t have that many dog friends, but Moonpie doesn’t care about that and loves to spend time with him. This next picture of them is downright adorable!

7. Best Friends









How can you not love these two? We think it’s safe to say that both are lucky to have each other, especially since you never hear about cows befriending dogs. They also love to do this next thing…

6. Big Kisses

As you can clearly tell, Moonpie gets along with everyone! I wonder how things will turn out when Moonpie gets bigger. Will she still hang around with the dogs?

5. Unexpected Friendship

Even though this friendship between Moonpie and the other dogs was unexpected, all that really matters is that they enjoy playing with each other. While Moonpie might get bigger as she grows older, we can be sure she will not forget about her dog friends.

4. Spackle Protects Moonpie

Another reason why Moonpie is surely not going to forget her dog friends is that they took care of her when she first arrived at the rescue sanctuary. Janice Wolf says that Spackle was her protector since the first day Moonpie arrived.

3. Surrogate Mothers

“The dogs are her surrogate mothers. They clean her face, the way her mother would have. They love to do that”, says Janice Wolfe.

2. Moonpie is Happy

While Moonpie’s story kicked off on the wrong foot with her being sold at the auction house, she is now safe and happy! The rescuers are amazed to see how this friendship develops every day, especially since Moonpie learns tricks from them.

1. The Dogs Are Teaching Moonpie Valuable Lessons

Another amazing thing about this friendship is that Moonpie does what the dogs do. For example, Moonpie only “uses the bathroom” while she is outside. This is how the dogs taught her. This is one of the weirdest friendships I’ve ever seen, but it’s also a great example of how friends don’t care about their differences.

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