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The Dumbest Laws in All 50 States – This is BANNED in Your State

The Dumbest Laws in All 50 States – This is BANNED in Your State
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There are many weird laws in America. Every state seems to have its own long list of strange ones, from not serving apple pie without cheese, to hunting in cemeteries, to never wearing a bulletproof vest while committing a crime, here are the wackiest laws from all fifty states.

10. Alabama to Arkansas: Blindfolded Driving, Red Masks, and Bobbing Your Hair

Image: Attitude School

Alabama – It seems like a given that no one would ever drive blindfolded, but the Alabama legislature decided to take no chances.

Alaska – It’s okay to shoot a bear in Alaska, but it is illegal to wake one up for the purpose of taking a picture. Rude!

Arizona – Stick with a white bandana during your next bank robbery, because in Arizona, you pick up an extra misdemeanor charge if you commit a felony while wearing a red mask.

Arkansas – There are plenty of weird laws to pick from in Arkansas, but the worst is picking on teachers who dare to bob their hair. A bob will forfeit a teacher’s raise.

  1. Housecoats, Couches and Fraudulent Pickles

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California – Despite its reputation as progressive, California still has some bizarre laws, such as the one prohibiting women from driving while wearing a housecat. I wonder if robes count???

Colorado – Colorado sees you, college students, with your ratty couches on the front porch! It is now illegal to have a couch on the front porch. Those old couches belong in Goodwill.

Connecticut – Pickle sellers beware: if the pickle doesn’t bounce, you are in big trouble. In the 1800’s, the state had big problems with counterfeit pickles, since sellers tried to sell untreated cucumbers instead. The law remains on the books.

8. Delaware to Hawaii: Singing in Public and Cursing in Front of Corpses

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Delaware – Delaware wants to protect you in the event of a water landing, therefore it is against the law to fly over a body over water unless you have packed sufficient supplies of food and drink.

Florida – The Sunshine State is already responsible for dozens of “Florida Man” stories per week, which has resulted in plenty of weird laws. You can’t sell your children, sing in public while wearing a bathing suit, have relations with a porcupine, or fall asleep under a hair salon dryer.

Georgia – It is illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body at the coroner’s office or funeral home.

Hawaii – It is against the law to put a coin in your ear in the Rainbow State, so warn your children.

7. Idaho to Kansas: Puppetry, Brick Throwing and Tire Screeching

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Idaho – As if Idaho wasn’t boring enough, you aren’t even allowed to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday.

Illinois – If a person does not have at least $1 on their body, the authorities can arrest them for vagrancy.

Indiana – The lawmakers of Indiana are deeply suspicious of anything that could seem perverted. Therefore, if a person has a puppet show, wire dancing or tumbling act and gets paid for it, they can be fined $3 under the Act to Prevent Certain Immoral Practices. Dang puppets!

Iowa – If you intend to throw a brick on an Iowa highway, beware: it is against the law. There is a loophole though – simply ask city council for permission first!

Kansas – The people of Kansas hear your tire screeching, you whippersnapper, and they won’t stand for it! Screeching the tires of your car is a crime.

6. Kentucky to Massachusetts: Christmas Decorations and Muscle Shirts

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Kentucky – It is illegal to fish with a bow and arrow in the Bluegrass State. You’ll have to use a fishing pole or a gun.

Louisiana – People who are inclined to relieve themselves outdoors should look before they go; urinating in the local water supply carries a 20 year prison sentence!

Maine – Yes it is cold in Maine, but the legislature wants you to know that the cold is no excuse for having Christmas decorations up after January 14th.

Maryland – Sleeveless tops are not allowed anywhere in the State of Maryland, unless you happen to be a vagrant at the zoo. In which case we wonder what happens – is the person placed in a display?

Massachusetts – Uncle Pauly may want one last sip of beer before passing on to the great beyond, but in MA, it is not legal to give a hospital patient a beer. Better smuggle in Irish whiskey, instead.

5. Dirty Tires, Anti-Nutrition Laws and Taxes on Single Men

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Michigan – In Clawson, MI, it’s perfectly okay for a farmer to sleep with his pigs, cows, goats and sheep.

Minnesota – There are famously 10,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota, therefore the state makes it a public nuisance to drive around with dirty tires. Run that car through a car wash or a lake first.

Mississippi – Mississippi is pleased with its obesity rankings, so it passed a law banning cities from ever requiring food nutrition labels on kids meals. The law was passed in 2013 when the state was offended that New York City was passing laws to advance child health.

MissouriSingle men from 21 to 50 find a little extra something on their tax bill – they are required to pay an annual tax of $1.50.

Montana – Monatna considers prostitution a “crime against the family” but the law has failed to stop prostitution for over 200 years now.

4. Nebraska to New York: The Shirt Off Your Back and the New York Mets

Image: NY Post

Nebraska – Lawmakers in Nebraska clearly forgot where they live: they have warned drivers on mountains to use extreme caution near the right edge of the road. But there are exactly zero mountains, or even a nice hill, in Nebraska.

Nevada – Next time you are in Nevada partying it up, be sure you rest at the hotel, not on the sidewalk. It’s illegal to lay down on the streets.

New Hampshire – Word to the wise for inveterate gamblers in NH: don’t ever offer to sell the clothes off your back to settle a gambling debt. Doing so could land you in jail.

New Jersey – New Jersey knows that criminals fear being shot by the police. They have banned the wearing of bulletproof vests while committing a crime, the better to make sure the criminal gets shot by the cops.

New Mexico – Romeo and Juliet is hardly the most controversial of Shakespeare’s plays, yet New Mexico lawmakers ordered 400 incendiary words to be cut from the play.

New York – In New York it is against the law to throw a ball at someone’s head. The pitching staff of the Mets is constantly on the run from the law.

3. North Carolina to Pennsylvania – Grease, Girls and Shotgun Weddings

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North Carolina – It is a felony to steal over $1,000 dollars worth of grease in North Carolina. Keep your greasy hands on much smaller quantities of grease for your eco-cars.

North Dakota – It is still perfectly legal to shoot a Native American in North Dakota, as long as you do it from the friendly confines of a horse and buggy.

Ohio – It is against the law for more than five women to live together in a house. We call this the Anti-Coven Law.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma is concerned about what you do with your mouth, as in it is illegal to take a bite out of another person’s hamburger, and also illegal to spit.

Oregon – The state of Oregon knows it’s mighty tempting to hunt in a cemetery, but doing so could send you to jail.

Pennsylvania – There is no such thing as a true “shotgun wedding” in Pennsylvania.  It is contrary to law to discharge a gun, cannon, revolver or other explosive weapon at a wedding.

2. Rhode Island to Utah: Pickle Juice, Pinball and Cheesy Sleeping Arrangements

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Rhode Island – It is considered an offense to throw pickle juice on a trolley. Exciting times in Rhode Island!

South Carolina – In the Palmetto State, minors aren’t permitted to play pinball. Tour of Duty is totally okay, though.

South Dakota – In South Dakota, you best not fall asleep at the (cheese) wheel! Taking a nap at the cheese factory is strictly prohibited.

Tennessee – You can’t share your Netflix password in Tennessee.

Texas – It is against the law to sell human organs in Texas, including eyes, kidneys, bones, or any other organ not made up of hair or blood.

Utah – The powers that be were very offended by Mike Tyson’s ear-bite during his fight with Evander Holyfield. They passed a law making it illegal to bite during any boxing match in the state.

1. Vermont to Wyoming: False Teeth, Halloween and Bigfoot

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Vermont – Women cannot wear false teeth in Vermont unless they clear it with their husbands first. Talk about a Handmaid’s Tale!

Virginia – Virginia has a number of laws regulating Halloween, including banning kids older than 12 from trick-or-treating or wearing masks, and prohibiting younger kids from attempting to trick-or-treat on any day other than October 31. Alrighty then!

Washington – The citizens of Washington believe in Sasquatch and Bigfoot and they are prepared for a sighting: it is illegal to harass a Sasquatch, Bigfoot or other undiscovered species.

West Virginia – It is illegal to whistle underwater in West Virginia, but legal to have sex with an animal as long as it is under 40 lbs.

Wisconsin – They aren’t called Cheeseheads for nothing. In Wisconsin, only people with a master cheesemaker license can make Limburger and apple pie must always be served with cheese.

Wyoming – Rabbit paparazzi are not welcome in Wyoming from January to April. You may only photograph the fuzzy animals with an official permit.

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