The Jepettos & Cup O'Joe - Moving Underground (Official Music Video)

The Jepettos & Cup O’Joe – Moving Underground

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The Jepettos are back with a brand new music video called “Moving Underground.” Accompanied by additional instrumentation by Cup O’Joe, the video is taken from a travel documentary entitled North of the Sun. Surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum embark on an arctic adventure on the coast of Northern Norway, where the vast ocean blue of the Atlantic awaits. Wedge and Ranum survive the cold and deserted island by building shelter out of driftwood and eating expired food. Bracing the freezing temperature, the two still enjoy what they love the most: surfing. They take in the beauty of nature – the sun, snow, ocean, and air – as they surf the finest waves and softest snow. Nothing can stop them as they live life to the fullest. Tabitha Agnew delivers beautiful and soft vocals while the strings and percussion blend perfectly together, giving off an easy-listening folk vibe. The Jepettos’ music follows the documentary clips with such ease that viewers will feel relaxed and light on their feet. Enjoy the music, enjoy the video, and most of all, enjoy life.

Video taken from North of the Sun
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Music by The Jepettos
Additional Instrumentation by Cup O’Joe
Lead Vocals by Tabitha Agnew (Cup O’Joe)
Double Bass / backing vocals by Benjamin Agnew (Cup O’Joe)
Guitar / backing vocals by Reuben Agnew (Cup O’Joe)
Synth / backing vocals by Ruth Aicken (The Jepettos)
Percussion / backing vocals by Michael Aicken (The Jepettos)
Additional Percussion from EZ Drummer
Recorded by Phil D’Alton at Graham House & Paul Elliot at Creative Flux studio
Mixed by Paul Elliot (Creative Flux)
Mastered by Paul Elliot (Creative Flux)
Video edited by Paul Elliot (Creative Flux)

Written by