The Originals: 7 Facts About the Vampire Show

The Originals: 7 Facts About the Vampire Show

The Originals: 7 Facts About the Vampire Show

The Originals is an American supernatural TV show created to serve as a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. The Originals, which has a significant online fanbase and better ratings than the main show, is currently airing its third season on The CW. Here are seven fun facts about the vampire series!

Number Seven: Josh Was Meant to Die

Show writer Julie Plec intended to kill off Josh (who was going to be a mere guest star) by the end of the first season. The rest of the writers didn’t allow her to do that.

Number Six: The Originals and True Blood Connections

Nathan Parsons, who plays a werewolf in The Originals, left the show to play a vampire in the supernatural drama series True Blood. He appeared in HBO’s show for most of the seventh (and last) season, only to return to The Originals as a werewolf afterwards.

Number Five: It Was Going to Take Place Somewhere Else

New Orleans wasn’t the first choice for the writers to place the story in; Chicago was. Chicago is one of the main locations of The Vampire Diaries, but the writers ultimately decided to change it up a little bit and move to a different city.

Number Four: The Fans Made the Show

When The Vampire Diaries first aired in 2009, none of the show producers had a spin-off in mind. The idea was developed due to the fans’ reactions to the show and the characters, as actor Joseph Morgan explained: “there were fan made trailers for The Originals before it was ever a reality for us. I watched and RT’d — I encouraged it. I was interested from the beginning.”

Number Three: Phoebe Tokin Is a Mythological Queen

During her short career, Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin has played a vampire hybrid, a witch, werewolf and a mermaid. She says she’d rather play folkloric characters over regular ones.

Number Two: Charles Michael Devis’ Reckless Auditions

Devis auditioned for The Vampire Diaries at least five or six times, but he always got turned down. A couple of years later, a production manager for the show called him and asked him to audition for the spin-off, for which he eventually was hired. Extra fun fact: Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis used to be poker buddies years before starring together in The Originals!

Number One: Klaus Really Paints Off-Screen

Klaus Mikaelson is often portrayed painting in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The actor who plays this character, Joseph Morgan, is a real-life artist and enjoys painting and drawing on his free time. We hope you enjoyed our list of fun facts about the vampire show!

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