The Top 10 Most Expensive NBA Mansions

The Top 10 Most Expensive NBA Mansions

The Top 10 Most Expensive NBA Mansions Top 10 Richest NBA Players of All Time (Part 1)

Even for the non-sports fans out there, there’s no denying that NBA players know how to ball. These ten most expensive NBA mansions are so outrageous you couldn’t imagine them if you tried. Check them out for yourself below, and prepare for your jaw to drop.

Number Ten: Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett’s mansion costs $4.6 million and is located in Concord, Massachusetts. And hey, millionaires of the world – this house is for sale! Now that he’s playing for Brooklyn, he’s moving.

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Number Nine: John Wall. John Wall’s mansion is located in Rockville, Maryland and cost $4.9 million. The mansion boasts a movie theater, basketball court (of course) and a six-car garage. Wall purchased the extravagant mansion right after he signed his max contract.

Number Eight: Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard’s $7.8 million home is located in Longwood, Florida. The house has a tiered movie theater and an outdoor kitchen.

Top 10 Richest NBA Players of All Time (Part 1)

Number Seven: Dirk Nowitzki. Located in Dallas, Texas, Dirk Nowitzki’s mansion cost $7.9 million to build. There are five bedrooms and six bathrooms in this house, and it has a tennis court as well.

Number Six: Chris Paul. Chris Paul’s home in Bel Air, California cost a whopping $8.5 million to build. The home used to be owned by Avril Lavigne, and it has a wine cellar and a home gym.

Number Five: Dwyane Wade. NBA superstar Dwyane Wade has a home in Miami Beach, Florida that cost him $8.9 million to build. Wade’s mansion is 13,000 square feet and comes with its own guest house.

Number Four: LeBron James. LeBron James’ mansion located in Coconut Grove, Florida cost him $9 million even. The home overlooks the gorgeous Biscayne Bay, has a wine cellar and even has a dock that can house a yacht up to 26 feet long.

Number Three: Chris Bosh. Get ready for this, because Chris Bosh is on our list not once, but twice! His second most expensive mansion is located in Pacific Palisades, California and cost $9.4 million. Bosh currently rents this house out for just a meager $4,500 per month. The master bedroom has a beautiful view of the ocean, and the outdoor space is unprecedentedly beautiful.

Number Two: Kobe Bryant. Second on our list of the 10 most expensive NBA mansions is Kobe Bryant, whose $9.5 million home is located in Newport Coast, California. The mansion is 20,000 square feet, and it includes a shark tank (because why not?), a hot tub and a home gym.

Number One: Chris Bosh, Again. Finally, the most expensive NBA mansion belongs, once again, to Chris Bosh. His home in Miami Beach, Florida cost him a hefty $12.3 million. His more expensive mansion has an elevator, an infinity pool and an interior painted completely in white. It’s truly more of a museum than a mansion.

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