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These Two Shelter Dogs Were Adopted Together Because They Couldn’t Stop Cuddling

These Two Shelter Dogs Were Adopted Together Because They Couldn’t Stop Cuddling

There’s nothing quite like a bond shared between family. When these two dogs were abandoned at the shelter together they were all each other had. When it was finally time for these two to find a forever home, the shelter knew they couldn’t separate them. You won’t believe where their bond got them!

20. The Dogs

Image: Daily Mail

Meet Chewbacca, a 10-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer/Labrador mix, and CC, a 6-year-old Rat Terrier. For their entire lives the two of them have lived under the same roof. It was one big and happy family.

19. Big Change

Image: The Dodo

The dog’s loved each other and their owners. However, soon everything would change for the dogs. They could no longer live at home with their owners. So what happened?

18. New Family Member


The dog’s owner’s had chosen to extend their family with a new baby! Everyone was excited for the new baby, however, no one expected that the baby would be allergic to the dogs. This created a huge problem.

17. Unhappy Decisions

Image: Intelligent Mother

The family was unfortunately forced to make a very tough decision. They realized that they could no longer keep the dogs in their home. This was a sad day for everyone…

16. The Shelter


The dogs were brought to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. It has been a very tough transition for both dogs, however, luckily they both have each other. They have stuck to each other’s side like glue.

15. Always Together

Image: Daily Mail

No matter what time of day, these two pups can always be spotted together. Their bond is pretty unbreakable and the staff at the shelter has been blown away by the love these two share. You’ll be shocked at how they prefer to cuddle!

14. Cuddle Buddies


Every time shelter workers walk by the dog’s kennel, they always see them cuddling in the sweetest way! Typically, CC loves to climb on top of Chewbacca and cuddle up on his back. Chewbacca seems to love it!

13. Very Close

Image: The Dodo

Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or curled up against him,” Animal Rescue League of Iowa spokesperson Jessica Jorgenson tells The Dodo. “Chewy, for his part, doesn’t mind at all. They both like being close to each other.”

12. Pillow

Image: Daily Mail

CC also has another interesting spot that they can be seen cuddled up on! CC loves using Chewy as a pillow as you can see in the photo above. Even though these two are pretty different in size it never seems to stop them in their daily activities.

11. Daily Walks

Image: Daily Mail

When these two head out on their daily walks they still maintain a close bond. Even though Chewy is so much bigger he stays right by CC’s side the whole time.

10. Day Trip

Image: Daily Mail

When shelter workers took the dogs out on a day trip they also noticed something else endearing. Chewy and CC also “sit against each other in the car,” says Jorgenson. “Their bond is undeniable.”

9. Next Step

Image: Daily Mail

The next step for these two pups is to find them their forever home. The shelter staff understand that there is no way that these two could ever be separated. They are way too close and obviously depend on each other for comfort and love.

8. Well-behaved


The shelter began putting out word that the dogs were up for adoption. With that they also included a list of all of their wonderful strong suits. For starters, both Chewy and CC are incredibly sweet and well-behaved dogs but that’s not all…

7. Amazing Pair

Image: Daily Puppy

Another amazing quality that these two share is that they are very friendly. They get along great with both dogs and cats, so they could fit in well in any new family settings.

6. Lots of Inquiries

Image: Dog Learn

With such fabulous personalities and great looks, it wasn’t long before CC and Chewy got a ton of people asking about them. Surprisingly enough, many people seemed to be okay with the idea of adopting more than one dog at once!

5. Perfect Family

Image: Daily Mail

The staff knew that they would have to look for the perfect family for CC and Chewy. Eventually, after looking through many potential candidates they came across just the right family. It was an exciting moment for everyone when the decision was made!

4. The Family

Image: Facebook/Animal Rescue League of Iowa

CC and Chewy were finally adopted by their new loving humans. However, they’re not the only siblings that the family has. In fact, they have a ton of other siblings that CC and Chewy will get to have fun with.

3. Siblings

Image: Daily Mail

CC and Chewy will now be living with two dog siblings and three pigs. Talk about a full house of animals! CC and Chewy were so excited to go to their new home and play with their siblings.

2. Happy Home


Now Chewy and CC are part of big and happy family. They spend their days taking walks and playing with their dog and pig siblings. Talk about a perfect ending for these two.

1. Together Forever

Image: Daily Mail

Chewy and CC never have to worry about being separated now. Although they had a rough patch in their lives, they now have a happy family and a life that they will continue to share together.

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