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They Kept Finding Money and Didn’t Know Where It Originated. Then They Saw the Cat.

They Kept Finding Money and Didn’t Know Where It Originated. Then They Saw the Cat.
Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

Anyone would love to come across a pile of money every day but what if the pile was at your office? One Tulsa marketing firm kept seeing bills on the floor of their building and wondered what was the reason? They were surprised when they found out the truth…

20. GuRuStu

Image GuRuStu

GuRuStu is a marketing firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the East Village district. The firm helps businesses with all kinds of brand needs, web design, and ther online projects. GuRuStu employs multiple workers but one in particular would catch anyone’s attention: an employee who was once nicknamed Sir-Whines-a-Lot.

19. Adopting

Image Tulsaworld

The GuRuStu owners decided to add an office cat to their space in 2015. Studies show that office cats can help reduce stress in high stress-level jobs, improve employee morale and yield their benefits. Also, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to go to an office where there’s a cat?

18. A Tulsa Tabby

Image ViralNova

While looking for a friendly cat to adopt for the office, the owner stumbled upon a tabby at the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter.  The staff said that he had been found running around in an open field. They knew they had found the right cat and so the rescue kitty found a new home at the GuRuStu office in downtown Tulsa.

17. Sir Whines a Lot

Image KidsActivities

Sir-Whines-a-Lot, as he was dubbed, settled in nicely into his new role as Official Office Cat. He would keep the employees company, wander around the office and take luxurious naps in front of the windows of the building. It was the perfect set of “tasks” for a office cat and Sir-Whines-a-Lot was up to the task.

16. Kitty on Display

Image LoveMeow

The building of GuRuStu is modern with an abundance of windows. One of the cat’s favorite things to was lie in the sun, watch people go by, and of course, nap. The downtown East Village district of Tulsa receives plenty of sun so this office kitty was in heaven.

15. Mysterious Money

Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

Sir-Whines-a-Lot went on with his office cat duties and everything was fairly normal until one morning when owner Stuart McDaniel came to work. The cat was there, but so were a few dollar bills. Where had they come from?

14. Tracing the Money

Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

McDaniel and the employees wondered where the cash had originated. It may have been a one-time occurence, perhaps an employee who dropped a few bills accidentally, but then it happened again. They had to get to the bottom of it.

13. A Guess

Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

Perhaps, they thought, the cat had something to do with it? They like at the pile of money that was near the kitty and decided to test a theory. What if their cat was the thief? What they did next would confirm their suspicions…

12. Snatched

Image Meowpost

The owners decided that people walking by the office at night were drawn to the cat in the window, and had decided to play with him. They figured out that a dollar was the right size of object to slide into the door and that Sir-Whines-a-Lot would react to it. They were right, the cat did play with the dollar.

11. Catnapped Funds

Image: Petslady

The cat, when presented with the bills, would not only play with the money, he’d snatch it from the passerby’s hands! They did their own test and saw that, sure enough, the kitty was snatching a pile of dollars as they were offered to him. 

10. A Mystery Solved

Image: YouTube

“We tried it again and over and over, he would jump up and grabbed the dollar through the door slot,” McDaniel said. Now the business knew that had their kitty was committing the purrfect crime most nights.

9. Paws and a Cause 

Image: LoveMeow

Sir-Whines-a-Lot was nicknamed “CASHnip Kitty,” a play on the word “catnip” since he would nip the cash right from your hands! The business realized that as this kept happening, they would need to put a sign up to alert people… 

8. A Warning 

Image ABC News

The business decided to put a sign up to warn people about this adorable money thief… now, what would they do with the money? The answer came from CASHnip Kitty himself: give it to the homeless. After all, even CASHnip Kitty was once homeless.  

7. A Helping Paw 

Image Inquirer

GuRuStu realized they could help a lot of people with the funds snatched each weekend by the cat and found a charity: The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. CASHnip Kitty was becoming a local attraction and this was a perfect match for his antics.  

6. The Charity

Image YouTube

The Tulsa Day Center for the homeless is not only a homeless shelter, but also a place where people can get medical attention, hygiene help and case management. It’s a vital part of the community and helps the disadvantaged. The center has over 1,000 appointments each month and is critically needed.  

5. The First Donation

Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

CASHnip Kitty and his friends at the office prepared to make the first nations to the center. The first checks were for $40.75, and these funds could be used to buy snacks or drinks for the center. But that was just the beginning…

4. Cashflow Grows

Image Foxnews 23

The CASHnip Kitty news was getting around town and even hit the news when ABC came to film a segment about the feline financial thief. Soon more people were stopping by the building to play the dollar game with the cat. The money was piling up…what was next?

3. An Internet Star

Image: CASHnip Kitty Official Website 

Soon the cat became an Internet star! He launched his official Facebook page and website, quickly gathering thousands of fans. Donations started getting bigger…would they soon be over $500? The answer may surprise you.

2. Worldwide Donations

Image CASHnip Kitty Facebook

All of the media attention led people to want to donate the CASHNip Kitty’s cause, but if they didn’t live in Tulsa or visit the area, they couldn’t. The business owners decided to accept donations through the mail, but not even they were prepared for how much they would receive!

1. A Huge Difference

Image: CASHnip Kitty Facebook

As of May 2018, Catnip Kitty has collected and donated over $3,000 to the Tulsa Day Center. His Facebook posts updates and recent donations. Now fans can even donate through the website and the grand total just keeps growing. And to think, it all began with a little cat and a dollar bill!

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