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They Saw A Tiny Kangaroo In The Ocean – Then Realized She Needed Help

They Saw A Tiny Kangaroo In The Ocean – Then Realized She Needed Help

Things weren’t looking good when this wild kangaroo got herself in a sticky situation. Then, miraculously, some firefighters happened to see her and decided to help her out. You won’t believe what this rescue team did to help her out!

20. Hopping Around

Image: Mission Joyful

A wild kangaroo was having a fun time hopping around along the coast of Queensland, Australia. The kangaroo was simply minding her own business as she continued to explore around a seawall.

19. Seawall

Image: Daily Mail

The kangaroo was hopping along the seawall in the town of Sandgate. She was having such a good time that she forgot to look ahead to see where she was going. That’s when the unexpected happened…

18. Less Ground

Image: Wikipedia

As the kangaroo continued to hop, she didn’t notice that the ground was slowly disappearing. Suddenly, the kangaroo wasn’t hopping along any part of the seawall any longer!

17. High Tide

Image: Mission Joyful

Soon, the kangaroo hopped so much that she ended up in the water. It was starting to be high-tide and the water was already starting to reach the kangaroo’s knees. Things weren’t looking good for her.

16. Getting Higher

Image: The Dodo

Eventually, the tide got even higher and the kangaroo was in some serious trouble at this point. The water was basically at her neck by now. What was she going to do?!

15. Seeing Her

Image: Daily Mail

Luckily for the little kangaroo, a bunch of people walking by noticed her in the water. The kangaroo was peeking out over the seawall and people instantly spotted her cute face! That’s when people decided to call for help.

14. Firefighters

Image: Daily Mail

So the people that saw the kangaroo in the water quickly called for help. That’s when a firefighter team was dispatched to the area. They even tweeted about the situation.

13. Tweet

Image: 4KQ

What’s that Skippy?” Queensland Fire and Emergency Services wrote on Twitter. “The tide’s on the up and you’re stuck behind Sandgate’s seawall, needing our crews to save the day?”

12. Helping Out

Image: The Dodo

So a couple of firefighters and a policeman all worked together to help get the kangaroo out of the water. They teamed up to pull her up and out by her arms. Then the rescuers took a few adorable photos of the little kangaroo.

11. Drying Off

Image: The Dodo

As the kangaroo was drying off on land, the rescuers took a few adorable photos of her. This, however, isn’t the first time a kangaroo has gotten itself into a bit of trouble. In April, a kangaroo had gotten stuck in some mud and things were looking pretty helpless…

10. Two Teenagers

Image: Pinterest

Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, both 19, were riding their dirt bikes around Sydney, Australia. The day was pretty uneventful until the boys noticed something strange sticking out of the mud. Suddenly they could see two pointy ears and a head.

9. Lost Kangaroo

Image: Daily Mail

It seems that a kangaroo had wandered off and had gotten itself stuck inside of some heavy mud. The kangaroo was stuck neck-deep and couldn’t get out! It was a scary situation…

8. Crying Out

Image: The Dodo

The young men could tell that the kangaroo was absolutely exhausted, but that wasn’t even the worst part. The kangaroo continued to cry out for help. They immediately knew that they had to help out the kangaroo!

7. Rushing Home


Jack and Nick both quickly made their way back home to pick up some supplies. Then they headed back over to the kangaroo. Nick tied a rope around the kangaroo as Jack began to pull.

6. Stressed Out

Image: TruthTheory

The young men were able to safely get the kangaroo out from the thick mud. The kangaroo was noticeably stressed and freaked out, but he was also grateful to be out of a scary situation.

5. Important Life

Image: The Dodo

The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg,” Heath told TODAY. “We think he went searching for water there, and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck.”

4. Wildlife Rescue

Image: The Dodo

The boys could tell that the kangaroo was exhausted and dehydrated, so they quickly contacted the WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue. The rescue team immediately headed over to the area to help out.

3. Sedated

Image: Daily Mail

The rescue team had to immediately sedate the kangaroo so that they could clean off its coat from all of the mud. They also administered a ton of fluids to the kangaroo because of how dehydrated it was.

2. Warming Up

Image: The Dodo

He was totally covered in thick clay, cold and exhausted,” a spokesperson for the rescue told The Dodo. “Once sedated, he was slowly warmed, then washed in tepid water to get rid of all [the] clay that was coating him, then warmed up again slowly to get his body temperature up and given warm fluids.”

1. Doing Better

Image: The Dodo

Ever since he was rescued, the kangaroo has been doing a lot better! The young men are also very happy that they went out of their way to help. “It’s a pretty patriotic thing to do, and we feel proud,” Heath said. “If we saw something like that again, we’ll do it all over again.”

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