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This Baby Feathertail Glider Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

This Baby Feathertail Glider Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

No matter how small a life is, it is still worth saving. One animal hospital proved this point when they got the tiniest patient ever. You won’t believe how cute this tiny animal is!

20. Wildlife Hospital

Image: The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital recently got one of its smallest patients ever. In July 2016, a very tiny animal was brought in and it weighs less than a paperclip!

19. Boop

Image :

The tiny animal is a baby feathertail glider and her name is Boop. Boop is going to be taken care of in the hospital until she is strong enough to be returned to the wild. You’ll be amazed to see how adorable these tiny creatures can be. Photo #10 is our favorite!

18. Rescued


When Boop was first rescued, she was incredibly tiny. She was all pink with no hair and was around the size of a thumbnail. It was almost too surreal to believe!

17. Regular Size


Boop should eventually reach the size of a mouse. But, for now, she is being watched over as she is incredibly small and unable to fend for herself. So how did she end up at the hospital?

16. Falling

15. Weight


Boop weighed less than a gram when she was brought in. Since she happened to be separated from her mother at such a young age, she would not have survived without outside help…

14. Lucky


Boop is incredibly lucky to have the hospital staff by her side. As she gets older, she should reach around 13 grams, or 1/2 an ounce. Hospital staff are looking forward to seeing her grow and get healthier each day. Curios to see how she spends most of her days?

13. Knit Pouch

Image: Daily Mail

For now, Boop is living a great life at the hospital. They currently keep her inside of a comfy knit pouch, which is essential to her growth! Without the knit pouch she’d be in serious trouble…

12. Snuggly

Image: Honest To Paws

The knit pouch is essential to Boop’s growth. The pouch helps her stay warm and all cuddled up which will promote her hair to grow in some more. She has a lot of growing to do but the hospital is staying optimistic.

11. Miracle Baby

Image: Honest To Paws

Nonetheless, Boop is unquestionably a miracle baby. Once she gets older she has a great life of hanging out in trees and scoping out some tasty food. She’ll also have a ton of other feathertail gliders to socialize with.

10. Smallest Species

Image: Huffington Post Australia

Boop is a part of the smallest species of feathertail gliders. These little guys can actually glide up to 75 feet and this is thanks to the fact that they are so small in weight. But that’s not the only thing that helps them.

9. Talented Gliders

Image: Telegraph

These feathertail gliders are also a talented bunch. They are capable of gliding in a spiral pattern before they land on the bark of the tree. However, it should be known that feathertail gliders are not to be kept as pets. Here’s why…

8. Not Pets

Image: Project Noah

Since these little guys are absolutely adorable, many people mistake them for an animal that they can keep as a pet. However, many experts advise against keeping this species in a domesticated setting.

7. Not Domesticated

Image: Australian Reptile Park

Feathertail gliders are not a domesticated animal. They are an exotic animal and many owners aren’t prepared for the kind of care needed to make sure that a feathertail glider grows up in the proper settings.

6. Attention


Just because feathertail gliders are not violent towards humans, doesn’t mean that they enjoy the attention the way a cat or a dog would. This is another issue that many owners could run into…

5. Fed Properly


Feathertail gliders are omnivorous, meaning that they feed on nectar, pollen, and arthropods such as moths, ants, and termites. Without a proper diet, feathertail gliders can run into some pretty serious health issues.

4. Health Issues

Image: Karma Currency

When feathertail gliders aren’t fed properly they can suffer from obesity or a variety of illnesses that can lead to death as well. However, this also isn’t the only problem that owners will run into.

3. Nocturnal

Image: Australian Museum

Since the species is nocturnal, they will be awake when their owners are asleep. Their big adorable eyes are perfect for nighttime as it helps them see clearly. Feathertail gliders also prefer to hang out in trees and not inside cages.

2. Sweet Animals


Feathertail gliders are sweet, tiny, nocturnal animals that love to glide around in the trees of Australia. They are a wonderful species whose existence in the wild should be respected.

1. Getting Bigger

Image: Alchetron

Each day, Boop is getting bigger and stronger and the staff at the hospital are so happy. Everyone is excited to see Boop get bigger and be released back into the wild.

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