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This Dog’s Best Friend Is Literally A Brick

This Dog’s Best Friend Is Literally A Brick

Everyone who has ever had a dog knows how important is for a young pup to have friends. This way, young dogs learn a lot of things from other dogs, they learn how to behave and they also burn off that energy. And while this puppy had a few doggie friends to play with around the house and in the backyard, he really bonded with a particularly odd friend.

His name is Sunny, and he’s best friends with a BRICK. Yes, a real brick! Don’t believe us? Check out the following photos and you’ll surely have a blast! We know Sunny does!

20. You Understand Me, Brick

Sunny has made a best friend ever since he was a tiny pup. We get it, having a brisk as a BFF is low maintenance! You just sit side by side and sometimes fall asleep on it. It won’t mind!

19. Sunny Is Very Special

His owner is Ariana Smoak (19), who lives with her family and furry friends in South Carolina. Last week, on her Twitter account, she shared a few photos of her pup Sunny who lies down by a brick. This is what the caption said…

18. Sunny and His Brick

My dog’s best friend is a brick,’ wrote Ariana. The photos show a puppy who sits next to a brick and then Sunny, a full-grown dog, sleeping in the same spot, cuddling his ‘best friend.’ But what’s the story behind the… brick?

17. The Beginning

We couldn’t start the story without a proper beginning! One day, Ariana Smoak was driving home, coming from work. She saw on the side of the street a dog. She pulled over to see if she could help her…

16. Puppies!

As soon as she went towards the dog, she saw a bunch of puppies coming out from their hiding. They needed help, and Smoak couldn’t just leave them there. She took them all to her place!

15. Stray Pups…

Among them, there was Sunny. Ariana said in an interview that she ‘rescued him and his siblings last year from the street.’ You won’t believe what the condition these dogs were in! This is what Ariana said…

14. Weeks of Care

‘They were all covered in fleas and the mom had missing teeth and a skin condition. We cared for them for weeks,’ she said. Finally, after treating them for flea infestation and other conditions, they found them homes.

13. We Fell In Love With Sunny

Ariana said that they found homes for all the dogs, but they couldn’t give up on Sunny: ‘we fell in love with him so we ended up keeping him. I wouldn’t change the experience for a thing.’

12. He Was Safe

Sunny was now safe, with a home and a loving family. So, like any other dog, he started exploring the house and the yard. He found the brick, and he soon fell in love with it!

11. What’s With the Brick?

We knew that bricks are not something you usually find in a house, but the family has one. Ariana explained that the ‘brick just holds the rug down from curling, nothing fancy.’ But Sunny thinks it’s the fanciest brick ever!

10. A Lovely Brick Needs a Friend!

Sunny is a good boy, so he probably saw it laying there, bored and lonely… He thought it might need some company! The first thing Sunny did as he found the brick, he slept next to it. Then, he grew up…

9. He Loves His Brick!

Although Sunny is a big boy, he still loves his brick. He uses it as a headrest, and he even likes to chew on it from time to time. People on Twitter went nuts about the photos of the pair!

8. Famous Odd Friends

Sunny became famous on the Internet, and Ariana said that ‘I would’ve never imagined 20 million people would ever see my dog. The love is amazing.’ You won’t believe what Sunny did with the brick when he was a pup.

7. He’s Such a Goof!

‘He would lay with it, kiss it and chew on it,’ said Ariana. She added that she’s ‘happy I got to show the world the goofy side of him I see everyday.’ How could you not share this funny side of your pet to the world?

6. We’re Keeping the Brick

Ariana said that as Sunny got bigger, he would continue to ‘lay with it and found comfort being around it, so we just keep that one on the rug for him.’ And since Sunny is now famous, Ariana wants to tell people to spay their pets.

5. A Fortunate Pup

Sunny was lucky to be found by a caring person. Ariana said that she wants ‘to shed light on why people should spay and neuter their pets because there’s a lot more animals not as fortunate as Sunny.’

4. People Reacted: The Rot Keeps a Pet Rock

Some of the best reactions came from other dog-lovers, sharing photos of the pups with their weird toys. This one Rottweiler really loves his pet rock, which he has had it for four years. The next dog also has a brick…

3. Pluto is Happy To Have a Toy…

Well, Pluto might not have access to his toys again, but he at least has a faithful brick that will play with him. It’s ok, Pluto, Sunny says that bricks are a great pal to hang out with!

2. Odd Friends

You might find it weird, but Sunny’s family is accustomed to seeing this quirky side of him, and they love him a lot. Thankfully, the other dogs of the family don’t want to be friends with the Brick!

1. A Loving Family

Sunny is lucky to have a family who loves him, and we know that they’re always cracking up when they see him sleeping on his brick. Has your dog developed a weird friendship with an odd object, like a sock or a rock?

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