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This Family Fled Their Home During The California Wild Fires, You Won’t Believe What They Found In The Rubble

This Family Fled Their Home During The California Wild Fires, You Won’t Believe What They Found In The Rubble
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15. A Terrifying Night

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When the California wildfires tore through California in late October, hundreds of families lost everything. From homes to irreplaceable family heirlooms, the tragedies that so many endured is absolutely heartbreaking.

For one family, the loss of a family pet was almost too much to bear…until the unthinkable happened.

14. The Fires Rage On

Image: ABC News

It would be the dead of night when Jack Weaver and his family woke to the raging fires surrounding their home in Santa Rosa, California. Realizing that time was of the essence, the family quickly packed up what they could. As they were preparing to leave, they realized one important member of their family was missing.

13. Where’s Izzy?

Image: The Seattle Times

Izzy, the family’s Bernese mountain dog was nowhere to be found. Due to the home being up in the forested mountains of Santa Rose, the property was quite expansive. Realizing they would have to leave their furry friend behind, Jack Weaver reluctantly drove off without her.

Is it possible she could have survived the blazing inferno?

12. Destruction Beyond Comprehension

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That night, fires would destroy several small towns due to the powerful winds that kept them ablaze. Despite the fire departments best efforts, over 20,000 people were forced to evacuate California’s wine country as the flames completely destroyed hundreds of acres of vineyards.

11. Hoping for a Miracle

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Several days after evacuating, Jack Weaver along with his brother-in-law drove back to the property with the hopes of finding Izzy. They knew it was a long shot, but they both held on to a glimmer of hope that she had somehow survived the blaze.

Is it possible she could have survived the inferno?

10. The Situation Doesn’t Look Good

Image: WBIR

As Jack and his brother-in-law walked up the hill to their property they were met with a grim reality. Smoke singed the gated area to their home and ash littered the long drive way. At first glance, things were not looking good for Izzy.

How could she have possibly survived such destruction?

9. The Vineyards are Spared

Image: The Grape Geeks

Slowly, the two men walked up the steep drive to what was left of their home. Surprisingly, most of their vineyard remained unscathed. It seemed the fires had shown some mercy to the Weaver family after all.

But…where was Izzy?

8. Grief Begins to Set In


Distraught and on the verge of tears, Jack began to call out for his sweet girl. “Izzy! Come here, baby!” He shouted over and over, while saying a quiet prayer to himself.

Time would only tell if his prayers would be answered.

7. An Unexpected Surprise

Image: Tribunist

As the men rounded the bend, they noticed that their tractors had survived the fire along with the basic structure of some of the buildings. It was then Jack noticed something moving in the distance. What could it be?

6. Izzy the Great and Powerful


Upon closer inspection, Jack realized Izzy had survived! Calling out to her, Izzy bounded down the long driveway to her owner, obviously dazed and slightly confused. Jack couldn’t believe that she had survived the entire ordeal.

5. A Happy Reunion

Image: The Seattle Times

Jack told Fox News: “She was very happy to see us. She’s such a brave dog. She was panting a lot and clearly stressed. But she was not frantic or anything.”

While Jack was thankful she was alive, he was concerned she could have internal injuries. You won’t believe what happens next at the vet!

4. A Close Examination

Image: WIAT

Izzy was evaluated by the family’s local vet and given a clean bill of health. However, the question remained: how did she survive the intense heat of the fire? Well, according to the vets it appeared her thick coat had insulated her, keeping her body from overheating during the initial blaze.

3. Thankful Beyond Words

Image: WSB=TV

Overall, Jack is simply thankful to have an irreplaceable member of his family back in his life. It seemed Izzy was determined to survive despite the odds stacked against her. Unfortunately, not every family was as lucky as the Weavers.

2. Others Weren’t So Lucky

Image: CBS Local

During that same night, one elderly couple found themselves caught in the blaze and were unable to escape their home. Realizing their options were limited, the couple dove into their pool and tried to survive the night. Sadly, while the husband made it, his wife succumbed to smoke inhalation before they could be rescued.

1. More Animals in Need

Many animals were also not as lucky as Izzy. According to Sonoma Animal Services, hundreds of animals were being treated for burns and smoke-related injuries. Some were not expected to last long enough to be reunited with their families. Thankfully, Izzy did not meet the same fate and is now safe with her loving family—a real tale of survival and beating the odds.

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