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This Lady Adopted A Duck, Now The Bird Refuses To Let Go

This Lady Adopted A Duck, Now The Bird Refuses To Let Go

Adopting animals in need of saving is a noble thing to do. Not everyone is willing to take an injured animal into their home, but those who do are special people. Today we are going to show you a fantastic story about a woman who becomes best friends with a duck after adopting her from an abusive home.

20. Ducks

Even though most people don’t know this, ducks can be pretty mean to each other. Things get even more serious when multiple males are placed in the same environment.

19. Fighting

Ducks will often fight each other without any reason and this is exactly what happened to Delilah. Delilah is the duck we are going to talk about today and her story will leave you in awe!

18. Meet Delilah

Delilah is a cute white duck who lives in a crowded home. Unfortunately for little Delilah, the other ducks are picking on her and she isn’t having a great time. Keep reading to see how bad Delilah’s situation really is.

17. Delilah Is Hurt

The other ducks pick so much on Delilah that she has serious health problems. Not just that, but Delilah also suffers from an untreated staph infection. Delilah was in need of saving and there’s no doubt about that.

16. Katherine Tanchuk

Katherine Tanchuk is an animal lover and she heard about the struggles that Delilah is going through. Knowing that a little duck is having such a bad time, Katherine decided to do something amazing!

15. Adopting Delilah

Even though adopting ducks is quite unusual, Katherine knew that she needed to do something and help Delilah. Katherine called Delilah’s owner and told her that she could take in the white duck. Do you think the owner simply gave her away like this?

14. Family Pet

Delilah’s owner didn’t care too much about the little duck and she just gave it away. While this might be heartbreaking, at least Katherine was going to take care of her. Let’s see how Delilah reacted to being adopted.

13. Trust Issues

Delilah was picked on all her life and she had some trust issues. Therefore, the duck didn’t feel comfortable around Katherine’s home and she kept trying to run away. Although, everything changed when Katherine did this next thing…

12. Everything Changes

Katherine wanted to help Delilah deal with her injuries and she started giving her Epsom salt baths. You won’t believe what the duck did when she came out of the water!!

11. Cuddling

Katherine started drying off Delilah and to her surprise, the scared duck started cuddling with her. This was a heartwarming moment and Katherine knew she did the right thing by adopting Delilah.

10. Feeling Safe

From the looks of it, Delilah felt safe in Katherine’s arms and this is why she loved to cuddle so much. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

9. New Family Pet

The most amazing thing about Delilah is that she quickly fell in love with Katherine’s kids. Seeing this, Katherine knew that saving Delilah was the right thing to do even though ducks aren’t known for being great family pets.

8. Another Great Story

Delilah’s story has been fantastic, but she isn’t the only duck to be saved. With that said, we are now going to share another incredible story about great people who put it all on the line for animals in need.

7. Ashley Scott And Puff

The woman in this picture is called Ashley Scott and that is her pet duck called Puff. Just like Delilah, Puff was saved from a bad home where her owners didn’t care about her.

6. Metting For The First Time

The first time that Ashely saw Puff was when the duck’s owners tried getting rid of her by throwing her out on the streets. Seeing this, Ashley decided to adopt Puff and give her a loving home.

5. Pool Time

Ashley says that adopting Puff was one of the best things she ever did. The duck loves being around her and she enjoys fun activities such as going to the pool.

4. Loving Mother

Ashley is acting as a loving mother to Puff and she shares a strong bond with the duck. In fact, the duck always gets anxious when Ashley leaves her sight. Isn’t this adorable?

3. Best Friends

Ashley and Puff are just like regular best friends. The two love having fun and spending time together. Who knew that ducks could be so fun to hang out with?

2. True Savior

Ashely came into Puff’s life in a time of need and the duck is never going to forget about that. Just look at how Puff protects Ashelys in this picture.

1.Ducks And People

I never knew that ducks would make for such amazing best friends. This world is filled with surprises and after seeing these pictures, I have to admit that I am considering getting a duck myself.

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