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This Man Saved The Life Of A Baby Kangaroo…Twice. Now He Follows Him Around Everywhere.

This Man Saved The Life Of A Baby Kangaroo…Twice. Now He Follows Him Around Everywhere.

Australia has a ton of interesting animals all around, however, none are as common as the kangaroo. Even though kangaroos are pretty common, it doesn’t make them any less special to Australians. That’s why when this one baby kangaroo got into a life-threatening situation, one man was there to help the baby out.

20. Tragedy

Image: The Dodo

It was a sad day for one baby kangaroo, also known as a Joey, when his mother passed away. The young kangaroo was in his mother’s pouch when she was tragically struck by a car. She died instantly…

19. Still Alive

Image: Imgur

When worried people arrived on the scene, they noticed that there was something inside of the mother’s pouch. Inside was the tiny roo. Miraculously, the young joey was still alive.

18. Police Station


The people who discovered the tiny kangaroo inside of its mother’s pouch quickly decided to act fast. So they brought the kangaroo over to the police station. No one expected that he would meet his new best friend there.

17. Officer


At the station was Constable Scott Mason. He had only been working as an officer for a few weeks and was suddenly handed a baby kangaroo! So what did he do?

16. Taking Care

Image: Z103.5

Mason decided that he would take on the role of father to the young kangaroo and decided to adopt the four-month-old joey. The poor kangaroo was dehydrated, upset, and just in need of love so Mason had a lot of work before him.

15. Fighting

Image: Tactical News

The poor kangaroo was practically fighting for its life after such a traumatic experience. However, Mason refused to give up on the tiny kangaroo. So he continued to feed it every three hours and make sure that it was comfortable.

14. Getting Better


After a few weeks, the young kangaroo started to get much better. He would even snuggle himself up in Mason’s police uniform, almost as if the uniform were a pouch. He would even crawl into the neck of his uniform and snuggle up with Mason like he would with his mother.

13. Following Him Around

Image: YouTube

The kangaroo and Mason have now developed an extremely close bond. The little kangaroo hops around and follows Mason everywhere he goes. The two are pretty much inseparable.

12. Named

Image: YouTube

Eventually, Mason decided that the little joey needed a name that would fit him. So he decided to post a photo of the kangaroo on social media and ask the people what the kangaroo’s name should be. You won’t believe what everyone chose!

11. Cuejo


Everyone on social media agreed that the kangaroo’s name should be Cuejo. So that is exactly what Mason named him. For now, Mason has been babying Cuejo while his wife has been taking care of their own newborn!

10. New Baby

Image: YouTube

Mason recently told AAP that his wife had given birth. So he decided that Cujeo would be his baby while his wife has been bonding with their newborn.

9. Mason’s Explanation


It’s very dehydrated and skinny, but we’re doing what we can,” he said. “Because it needs to be fed every three hours, it’s going to be my little child as my wife’s in Perth with our newborn – so she’s got her newborn and I’ve got a little one as well.”

8. Another Rescue

Image: Daily Mail

Recently, Mason was put in another daring situation that involved saving Cuejo’s life. This time, Cuejo’s life was at stake due to a massive eagle. So what happened and did Cuejo survive?

7. A Massive Bird

Image: Daily Mail

It was a pleasant day when Cuejo was suddenly attacked by a massive eagle. Mason and Cuejo were outdoors together when an eagle descended upon Cuejo and gripped him with its talons. Mason was blown away by what was happening…

6. Reacting

Image: Daily Mail

I took a second to react,” Mason told The Washington Post. “I was pretty shocked.” Once the shock wore off, however, Mason knew that he needed to save Cuejo from the eagle that was currently lifting him up over a 6½-foot fence.

5. Landing

Image: Daily Mail

Eventually the eagle landed down and began to peck away at Cuejo. Mason was running after them and hoping to reach over in time. It was a race against time until Cuejo made a run for it and made it away from the eagle.

4. Injured

Image: YouTube

He had a puncture wound to his chest and his face,” Mason said, “and several patches of hair missing.” Eventually, Mason made it over to Cuejo before the eagle got another chance to lift up the 10-pound kangaroo. Mason was incredibly relieved.

3. A Race

Image: The Washington Post

“It was a race to see to who could get to Cuejoe first,” Mason said. Once he got a hold of Cuejo, he immediately took him back to the police station where he used his training to stitch him back up, as the nearest vet was a five hour drive away.

2. Recovery

Image: Twitter

Cuejo is now recovering under the watchful eye of Mason. Mason is happy that his little baby is still around and doing much better! “He just started eating again,” Mason said, happily.

1. Great Dad

Image: The Chive

Mason has continued to prove how much he loves Cuejo. Thanks to his caring nature, Cuejo has been rescued from a death not once but twice!

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