Thom Yorke: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Thom Yorke: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Thom Yorke: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Thom Yorke has made his fame as the front man of Radiohead, one of the most critically well-received bands of the past few decades. But Thom Yorke has had an interesting life – one that includes many other creative ventures aside from the band he became famous with. Find out more about the iconic singer in the first half of this list below.

Number Fifteen: He Has Very Eclectic Taste in Music. This should not be surprising to anyone who is familiar with the range of his music. But his taste ranges from alternative rock to all types of electronic music. For example, recently he has stated that he was listening to music by composer Ennio Morricone as well as the late footwork pioneer DJ Rashad.

Number Fourteen: His Father Was an Amateur Boxer. Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom, and Thom Yorke’s father is one of many fighters to have fought in the country. He wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Thom wasn’t cut out for it (and we’re all the better for it).

Number Thirteen: He Has Collaborated With Many Electronic Music Producers. In his solo work, he has collaborated with and been featured playing with many electronic artists. Burial and Four Tet have both worked with the Radiohead frontman, and his vocals have lent themselves well to moody UK electronic music many times.

Number Twelve: His Family is a Musical One. Thom Yorke’s brother Andy is also a musician. He was the frontman of the band The Unbelievable Truth, who had a short run in the 1990’s. He hadn’t made much music since then but has recently started playing shows around England again.

Number Eleven: Radiohead May Have Started Because of Fashion Sense. Thom Yorke has said that the main reason he first got on with his band members is that they shared a similar style – and a love for post-punk band Joy Division.

Number Ten: John Lennon Was a Big Influence on Him. But not the music of The Beatles, necessarily. According to Thom, it was actually Lennon’s side project called The Plastic Ono Band which most influence him and his own band.

Number Nine: His Father Was a Nuclear Scientist. We already mentioned that he was an amateur boxer, but did we mention he was a nuclear scientist, too? That’s quite the combination there. That’s all the Thom Yorke info for now, but part two will be coming out soon.

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