Three Tricks to the Fluffiest Pancakes Ever

Three Tricks to the Fluffiest Pancakes Ever

Three Tricks to the Fluffiest Pancakes Ever

I think we can all agree that Americans and non-Americans alike love pancakes! And since I am not only a sworn lover but a complete pancake freak, I am always looking for delicious and unique pancake recipes. I like any type, be them sweet or salty, I like my hotcakes FLUFFY.

Among many other recipes, the internet also hides some of the fluffiest pancakes you will ever try, and below are some tricks on how to prepare the softest hotcakes ever!

What Makes for Fluffy Pancakes

For a pancake stack to be called the best it should be three things: Delicious, Soft and Fluffy. And to ensure the last one you should consider doing this:

Don’t overmix the batter! This is one of the key things when it comes to preparing the perfect hotcake. Although it might not seem important, allowing a few lumps to remain in your batter might be crucial when it comes to the hotcakes’ fluffiness. While here, you should also allow the batter to sit for around 5 minutes prior to pouring it onto the griddle or pan.

Skip the eggs. At the very start of my “pancaking” career, I thought that it was eggs that actually made for hotcakes to become light. It turns out, you should avoid them entirely and opt for buttermilk or Greek yogurt.

Use Double Acting Baking Powder. Now, this might be THE most important factor that will make your pancakes spongy. But, if you choose to go for this ingredient then forget all about leaving your batter rest for a few minutes. The key is to prepare the hotcakes right away because otherwise you will get the opposite effect and end up with chewy gummy pancakes.

Pancake Recipes that Fluffy Pancakes Funs Will Go Crazy For

Maybe the best recipe I have had the opportunity to try was that for the Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake Recipe. You will notice that the recipe does make use of two whole eggs, but there’s also the two cups of buttermilk and a whole tablespoon of baking soda, so the final result is truly fluffy. Not only are these light and airy, the blueberries folded inside give a certain freshness to each bite. The blueberry maple syrup is undoubtedly the cherry on top!

Get some more pancake recipes in this awesome collection.

The Extra Fluffy Almond Blueberry Hotcakes are my second choice. The Greek yogurt makes them as airy as ever, and the fact that the recipe makes use of almond milk, almond extract and slivered almonds only makes these babies more inviting. Almond and blueberries pair perfectly well to form the most scrumptious hotcake stack you have ever tasted!

If you want to kick your regular hotcake up a notch, go ahead and try one of these tips, or even one of the actual recipes and you will never think of preparing pancakes any other way, I can vouch for that!

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