Tim Duncan: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2) 

Tim Duncan: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Tim Duncan: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)


Tim Duncan has been in the NBA forever. Or it feels like it, anyway. He won his first championship before almost every other current player was in the league – and he’s won a bunch more since then. We covered some little-known facts about the future hall of famer in part one, but we’ve got a bunch more for you here.

Number Eight: Tim Duncan Was Once Ejected from an NBA Game for Laughing

He was tossed out by Joey Crawford, who has a reputation for giving out technical fouls for nothing. But for laughing? That’s a rare feat.

Number Seven: He Has Some Very Nerdy Hobbies

We know he likes comic books, but come on, everyone likes comic books. But Tim Duncan takes it a step further: he has a sword collection and enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Number Six: He Has a Tattoo of Merlin

Yes, Merlin. As in Merlin the wizard. Enough said.

Number Five: His Greatest Fear is Sharks

Many of us would probably admit to having a fear of sharks, and for the most part, it would be an irrational fear. But for Tim Duncan – former competitive swimmer and native of the tropical island of St. Croix – a fear of sharks came from a very practical place.

Number Four: He Paid Former Teammate Brent Barry $100 to Kiss the Then-NBA Commissioner

It was just on the cheek. But it was on national television, and Brent Barry accepted the challenge. And the word is that Tim Duncan kept his end of the bargain as well.

Number Three: He Isn’t the Only Swimmer in the Family

His sister Tricia actually got farther than he did with the sport. She swam for Swarthmore College and then competed in the 1988 Olympics, representing the United States Virgin Islands in the backstroke.

Number Two: NBA Scouts Became Interested in Him After he Played Against Alonzo Mourning

He was just 16 at the time, too. The fact that he played fairly well against such an established player turned the heads of some scouts.

Number One: He Wears Number 21 in Honor of His Brother in Law

It was his brother in law who suggested he try basketball at the age of 14 when Duncan stopped swimming. You’ve reached the end of the Tim Duncan list, hope you liked it!

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