Tinashe: 'Applause' Single Review

Tinashe: ‘Applause’ Single Review



Tinashe is just unstoppable. With a successful album and mixtape immediately after, she is dropping new music. She is one musician that has truly earned her place in the industry. Tinashe as of right now is a significant figure in the industry, and without her, there would be less reason to get our “2 On.” One of her latest songs is titled “Applause,” and it deserves an applause for how good it sounds.

Tinashe has been creating a noteworthy impression since her breakout song “2 On,” and she is undoubtedly one of the hottest acts in the industry currently. Every song is substantial, and “Applause” follows in those footsteps.

“Applause” is a calm song; it is not your usual Tinashe sound. The composure on this song is not like what we have heard Tinashe do before. She has been all about the club and now she is all about a “girlie girl” who has been hurt. As the song begins, there is a smooth, soft piano-playing, and even when the beat comes in, the calmness is maintained. Tinashe makes a thoroughgoing vocal entrée into the song. She keeps it light and beautiful.

The song is an emotional R&B song where Tinashe expresses her heartache. “This gon’ be the third night jumping up out my suite / can’t find the air to breathe / you’re taking all out of me / there’s no prescription strong enough for your memories.” She is hurting on this song and it has been going on for a while. I must commend her brilliant vocals on this song as you feel the heartache and the intensity of her situation in her voice. “I’ve never been a drinker / just a heavy thinker / been around the smokers, that’s just not my focus / we almost had it all but you lost your way / sound the alarm somebody call rehab, you just had a relapse,” she continues to sing. Tinashe paints a perfect picture with her lyrics. You feel the aggression in her voice when the lyrics call for it, and the song flows instinctively with what the lyrics dictate. 

She makes you sympathize with her in her situation. She is a girl that is hurting, and we all don’t like to see a girl hurting, at least not Tinashe. Her situation is not a rare occurrence. Girls are always ready and the men are the ones that take their time with this “whole committing thing.” Men have a special skill of ruining something good and Tinashe is dealing with this in “Applause.”

Tinashe is a brilliant musician, something she has proved beyond all reasonable doubt. And she continues to create her mark with every song. “Applause” is a great song. The instrumental, the concept, the lyrics and Tinashe’s voice blends to make a quality R&B song. She does not strain her voice at all, it flows flawlessly like it’s in its natural habitat in this song. 

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