Tito Ortiz: 7 Things You Didn't Know About the Fighter

Tito Ortiz: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Fighter

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Jacob Christopher Ortiz, better known as Tito Ortiz, is an American mixed martial artist born in California in 1975. He’s quite a controversial figure and people tend to either love him or hate him. Here are seven things you didn’t know about him.

Number Seven: When He Became Aware of His Potential

When Tito fought Frank Shamrock and lost in the fourth round to him, he acquired a newfound enthusiasm for training and started going at it even harder than before. At this time, he realized his potential for becoming a champion.

Number Six: He Doesn’t Think He Deserves the Controversy

He’s aware that his name has been synonymous with controversy for a long time, but doesn’t believe it’s deserved. Regardless of that, it’s become a normal standard for him.

Number Five: His Signature T-Shirts are to Heckle His Opponents

Tito has a standard for always getting into his opponent’s heads. Those T-shirts he wears are a way to mess with them.

Number Four: ‘Team Punishment’

Originally, his team was going to be named Team Ortiz, but he started training with other guys and didn’t want it to be all about him. The name Team Punishment came about when Ortiz figured they were all going to be punishing their opponents.

Number Three: His Thoughts on Coaching

Coaching is something he’s always been interested in. It started back in high school and college for him and he always saw it as a learning process. He puts his heart into training.

Number Two: Tito Ortiz and His Favorite Parts about Being a Pro

When asked this question, he said it was multiple things. Inspiring others and showing them that they can get anywhere they wish with hard work is what he does it for mainly, though.

Number One: The Standout Moment for Him

A lot of people didn’t think Tito could beat Ken Shamrock, since he was known for being a tough opponent. Tito defeated him and considers this a highlight of his career. Thanks for reading our post about Tito Ortiz, we hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things along the way.

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