Top 10 Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Top 10 Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Top 10 Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Starbucks has a lot of money, so you can bet that they have some of the most beautiful stores you have ever seen. The master designers of this unique chain didn’t make merely coffee shops, they made coffee homes. You won’t believe the magnificent Starbucks locations we have in store for you!

Number Ten: The Starbucks in Inb Battuta Mall, Dubai

This magnificent store location lies in the center of the Inb Battuta Mall. The dining area is large and open, and decorated with the stunning architecture of the mall.

Number Nine: The Vault in Amsterdam

This location offers a modern lounge for all of your coffee shop desires, filled with books, maps, and atmosphere. The most unique aspect of this store is that actually exists within what was one a bank vault in Amsterdam.

Number Eight: Toyama Kansui Koen, Japan

This location may just be the most romantic Starbucks that ever existed. The dining area is surrounded by glass walls, with a long patio that overlooks (and sits on) the shoreline of the city.

Number Seven: The Zurich, Switzerland Train

Miraculously, this Starbucks store operates completely out of its very own train car. They really are following you wherever you go, folks.

Number Six: Breckenridge, Colorado

In Breckinridge, they have a beautiful location with a very homey atmosphere. In fact, it is actually a home in a neighborhood that was transformed into a store.

Number Five: Xi’an, China

This location embraces the traditional style with a dash of Chinese culture and modern architecture. The dining area is covered by a geometric, wooden roof that extends over the sidewalk and outdoor patio. It really is an impressive sight to see.

Number Four: The Czech Republic’s Prague Castle

This unique store has the honor of being the very first thing you enter when you visit Prague Castle. The outdoor patio has a stunning view over the gardens in a modern, yet rustic, setting. That’s right; Starbucks is in a castle, in Prague. How classy is that?

Number Three: The Intramuros in Manila, Philippines

If you love the beautiful, rustic style of the big city, this location is your dream coffee shop. The building itself has a curved roof that almost makes you feel you’re in a cave, and it is made entirely of bricks. Still, they somehow manage to hang pictures on a curved wall.

Number Two: Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

This location sports a beautiful and modern take on traditional Indonesian design. The massive door is framed by intricate word carvings, and the store’s logo sign is even etched into a gong that stands outside the store.

Number One: Kyeongju, South Korea

The building that hosts this magnificent Starbucks is lit up with dazzling colored lights. The roof extends in a traditional Korean fashion, and impressive columns guard the glass entrance. It really is a gem of the massive chain. We hope you enjoyed exploring the 10 most beautiful Starbucks locations around the world!

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