Top 10 Classic Text Fails From Moms

Top 10 Classic Text Fails From Moms

If you don’t live with your parents, then you’re probably aware of the struggle that is keeping in contact with them – especially moms. If you call your mom, you’re stuck on the phone with her for an hour. If you text her, well…you could end up with one of the 10 text fails below. Here are our top 10 classic mom text fails.

Number Ten: The Google. No, we don’t run The Google. Google runs the Google.

Number Nine: WTF. Well isn’t that just…fantastic…?

Number Eight: Pregnancy Scare. Moms always know.

Number Seven: The Shopping Fiasco, Part I. How about that for too much information?

Number Six: Dinner Plans. Let’s just stick with french fries, OK?

Number Five: The Space Between. How do you do a LOL?

Number Four: Low Battery. I think she needs Chuck the charger.

Number Three: ROFL. That’s probably for the best.

Number Two: Cruel and Unusual. Good morning mother – XOXO, your daughter who used to love you.

Number One: The Shopping Fiasco, Part II. Bye Felicia.

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