Top 10 Heaviest WWE Wrestlers in History (Part 1)

Top 10 Heaviest WWE Wrestlers in History (Part 1)

Top 10 Heaviest WWE Wrestlers in History (Part 1)

WWE wrestlers can reach sizes that many people can’t imagine achieving themselves. However, some WWE wrestlers are so big that it seems impossible they even exist at all. Here, we present our list of the top 10 heaviest WWE wrestlers of all time. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Ten: Nelson Frazier Jr. – 487 Pounds. Nelson Frazier Jr. was born in 1971 and died two years ago in 2014. He was 6’9″ and a hefty 487 pounds. Frazier Jr. was most well-known for appearances with WWE and the WWF in both the 1990s and early aughts.

Number Nine: The Big Show – 500 Pounds. The Big Show, also known as Paul Donald Wight Jr., has been with the WWE since 1999. The Big Show is 43 years old and weighs an impressive 500 pounds. The Big Show was previously known as The Giant, which is a nickname he earned when he was with the World Championship Wrestling, or WCW.

Number Eight: Akebono – 514 Pounds. Akebono, or Chadwick Haheo Rowan, is a 46-year-old wrestler who is also a former sumo wrestler. And at 514 pounds, it’s no wonder he’s a former sumo wrestler because that’s some serious power! Akebono was the very first non-Japanese-born wrestler to reach the highest rank in sumo wrestling, which is called yokozuna.

Number Seven: Andre The Giant – 520 Pounds. One of the most famous people on this list Andre The Giant was at his heaviest when he weighed 520 pounds. He was born Andre Rene Roussimoff and is of French descent. Andre stood at 7’4″ and is best-remembered for the long-standing feud he had with Hulk Hogan and his role in The Princess Bride.

Number Six: Yokozuna – 568 Pounds. The wrestler named Yokozuna was actually named Rodney Agatupa Anoa’i, and he was of Samoan descent. Yokozuna got his name from the highest rank in sumo wrestling (mentioned above), although he himself was not a yokozuna. However, he was a heavy dude and clocked in at 568 pounds. Yokozuna was born in 1966 and died in 2000 when he was just 34 years old. Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 10 heaviest WWE wrestlers in history, coming soon!

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