Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses (Part 2)

Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses (Part 2)

Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our list of the top 10 highest paid tv actresses. By now you should’ve read about our first 4 female tv personalities who make a good living at entertaining us. You can read part one of this list here. Below we finish our list with 5 more of the highest paid actresses on TV today.

Number Five: Amy Poehler

American actress Amy Poehler is most famously known for her role on the NYC based sketch show Saturday Night Live. In 1998, she was part of an improvisational comedy troupe on Comedy Central called Upright Citizens Brigade. She starts our list of the top 10 highest paid tv actresses for her role as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. Amy earns approximately $200,000 per episode.

Number Four: Mindy Kaling

Most of us remember Mindy Kaling from the Office where she played Kelly Kapoor. Today she stars in her own show called The Mindy Project. Mindy wears many hats on her show, she is not only the main character but also the writer and producer of the show. She earns $150,000 per episode.

Number Three: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has played in many tv and movie roles. We know her from Fantastic Four and the movie Ray where she played Della Bea Robinson opposite of Jamie Foxx. Nowadays she is known for her lead role in Scandal, where she plays Olivia Pope. Kerry is earning $150,000 per episode.

Number Two: Patricia Heaton

We know Patricia from her portrayal of Debra Barone, who was Ray Barone’s wife in Everybody loves Raymond.  Now Patricia is on a hit series called The Middle where she plays Frances Heck. Patricia has earned two Primetime Emmy Awards and currently earns $235,000 per episode.

Number One of The Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses: Emily Deschanel

Emily has starred in many movies including It Could Happen to You, Stephen Kings Rose Red and Glory Road. Now she is known for playing Dr. Temperance Brennan opposite of David Boreanaz on Fox hit show Bones. Bones has just hit their 11th season. Emily is earning $250,000 per episode. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 highest paid actresses on TV. Please stay tuned for more great lists on PPcorn.

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