Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Of Pro Athletes

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Of Pro Athletes

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Of Pro Athletes

Professional athletes are known to have some extravagant homes. Here, we present our list of the top 10 most extravagant and expensive homes of professional athletes. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Ten: Derek Jeter

Derek is among the highest performing athletes with a good earning potential. In fact, his home costs about $12 million. That should get anyone’s eyes popping!

Number Nine: Chris Bosh

With a home costing as much as $12.5 million, this guy isn’t poor. Judging from the preferred home location, it’s safe to say that Chris has a thing for mountainous regions. It’s lovely!

Number Eight: Anna Kournikova

Anna is a great tennis player, and her home is nothing but beautiful and expensive. The lady has invested about $26 million in building her home. She even has a tennis court right in her yard!

Number Seven: Michael Jordan

This guy is one of the legends of basketball, and he surely has had some tidy earnings out of it. Michael’s beautiful home is located in an area overlooking some slopes. It costs $29 million!

Number Six: Joe Montana

This man’s home is nothing short of well-built and in fashion. He has a poolside backed up with tree shades and flowers. All that goes for a whopping $35 million!

Number Five: Alex Rodriguez

Now this guy has some real taste. You should see his brightly-painted home and with large glass walls and attractive swimming pools. If you grow curious about the cost, just sit back and marvel at this $38 million home!

Number Four: David Beckham

If you thought football doesn’t pay, you need to start looking at things from another angle. David is an English footballer, and you won’t believe what his home costs. A whole $39.6 million!

Number Three: Tom Brady

By all accounts, Tom seems to possess a really classy taste for home locations. His home’s aerial view is something that could resurrect the athlete in you. The cost? That’s about $40 million of his cash invested there!

Number Two: Owner of One of the Most Expensive Homes – Greg Norman

Greg is a veteran athlete, meaning that he has earned tons of money from his career. He has invested $65 million of his fortune to build a really fantastic home. It’s beautiful!

Number One: Tiger Woods

Tiger is an American top golfer who has bagged quite a number of winnings over the last years. He has a fortune invested in designing and building his $70 million home that has everything similar to a palace. It’s painted in some very reflective colors. As you can see in this nice list, it’s clear that being a professional athlete really pays off. Thanks for reading our list of the professional athletes with the most expensive homes!

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