Top 10 Most Hilariously Awkward Family Portraits

Top 10 Most Hilariously Awkward Family Portraits

Top 10 Most Hilariously Awkward Family Portraits

The families in these photos have no shame! From wild hair to wild animals, these awkward family portraits will have you rolling on the floor laughing. My all-time favorite is the family with the tattoos; what in the world were they thinking?!

Number One: The Denim Family. As if wearing the denim wasn’t enough to give us all a good laugh, this family decided to take their photo stacked on top of one another.

Number Two: The Wacky Hair, Creepy Doll Family. The doll in the back is very creepy! I’m assuming the woman to the left of the doll is a ventriloquist, but why didn’t she put the doll on her lap? Having him sit in that chair is just weird. It must have been a tactic to distract us from her wild and big hair.

Number Three: The Straw Hat Family. I’m guessing it was the father’s idea to wear these straw hats. Of course, the mother agreed, but I bet none of them ever imagined this would make its rounds on the Internet.

Number Four: The Rabbit Family. My only question is who was the unlucky person who had to clean up after the rabbit family left?

Number Five: The Tattoo Family. I know this family thought it was a cool idea to get matching tattoos. How did I come to this assumption? After this “great” tattoo decision was made, they all went and took a photo together in order to celebrate.

Number Six: The Kitten Family. This photo was probably never supposed to see the light of day. Although the kids are pretty happy their mother allowed them to include the kittens in the family photo, the mother’s face says it all…”Why did I agree to let these kids put the kittens in their shirt pockets?”

Number Seven: The Scout’s Honor Family. This was actually a cute idea, but after seeing this picture, it’s a little awkward. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, I support the scouts, “scout’s honor.”

Number Eight: The Emotions Running Wild Family. This is the family of the year! The grandparents in the middle are thinking, “I don’t care. I didn’t want to take this photo. I rather be home watching Matlock. My family is the worst.”

Number Nine: The Naked, Pregnant Family. Where do I begin? Let’s start with the fact that no one is wearing a shirt, including the pregnant woman. The worst part about it is that they actually put thought into this photo- who else noticed they are all wearing black jeans. Did you spot the live turkey?

Number Ten: The Monkey Family. I will admit that this photo is too cute. I love the effort this couple put into the taking this picture. How adorable is the monkey in the pink dress?

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