The Top 10 Pop Singers of All Time

The Top 10 Pop Singers of All Time

The Top 10 Pop Singers of All Time

Pop singers have been around forever. When it comes to pop music, I think it’s pretty safe to say we are all fans. You may hate to admit, but we all know the lyrics to numerous pop songs. Let’s check out the top ten pop singers of all time and see how many you recognize.

Number Ten: Mariah Carey

One of the most talented singers in the bunch, Mariah Carey was once the queen of pop music. Her love ballads still move my heart strings like none other and everyone will always have a few classics of hers in their music library.

Number Nine: Rihanna

The baddest of the bad, Rihanna, is definitely makes this list of the best pop singers of all time. With an impressive voice and range, the girl has had no trouble make hit after hit after hit. Work, girl!

Number Eight: Selena Gomez

Who knew we would all become Selena fans? Well, apparently she did. The girl has brushed off her Disney past and blossomed into quite the successful pop singer.

Number Seven: Madonna

The original queen of pop music, Madonna, needs to be included on this list and every other list of the greatest pop singers of all time. She helped inspire and cultivate the genre, as well as blessing us with some bangers we won’t soon forget.

Number Six: Britney Spears

Oh Britney, we all must bow down to another queen of pop music. She reigned from the early- to late 2000s on the pop charts and still makes hits today. She was teenage dream everyone pined for and she delivered with best jams of the time and some seriously sexy music videos.

Number Five: Bruno Mars

Besides Michael, Bruno is the only other boy to make this list. With the incredible success of “Uptown Funk,” which he was only featured in, in addition to all his other hits, it’s not hard to see why he made this list. Let’s all just say a thank you to the pop gods for blessing us with Bruno’s voice, swagger, and talent.

Number Four: Katy Perry

The queen of candy, Katy Perry is another extremely talented pop singer who is still killing the pop music game. With numerous Number One songs on the charts, Katy will definitely be one of the few artists in the pop world with staying power.

Number Three: Beyonce

Queen Bey. Is much else needed? With an unexpected release of her album two years ago, Beyonce almost broke the internet and we were all grateful for it. Whatever she does turns into pop music gold and I think I speak for everyone when I say we never want her to stop.

Number Two: Michael Jackson

The undisputed king of pop music, Michael Jackson moonwalked his way into our hearts a few decades ago. Even after his passing, Michael’s music lives on, a sure sign of legend status in the pop music world.

Number One: The Best And Most Successful Of All Pop Singers, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not only an incredible singer, but she also plays numerous instruments and writes all her own music. This talented blond has solidified her number one spot in this list thanks to her recently sold-out world tour and the epic music videos she keeps dropping from her latest album.

Pop singers are adored and hated, but whether you love or hate pop music, you can’t deny these are some of the greatest pop singers of all time. Add a few of their upbeat, pop songs to your music library and you won’t be able to stop singing them.

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