Top 10 Simple and Interesting Life Hacks You Need to Know 

Top 10 Simple and Interesting Life Hacks You Need to Know

Top 10 Simple and Interesting Life Hacks You Need to Know

Life is good, but it’s even better with some life hacks to make it more satisfying and enjoyable. That’s why we’re now introducing you to these 10 simple life hacks to add the spark in your life. Stick around!

Number Ten: Trick The Store Offer And Walk Out With A Dress And All Your Money

So a store near you is dishing out some offers on clothes. You buy one, they give you one more for free. What if you buy one, get one free, and then you claim a refund for the one you bought? You walk out with the free dress plus your money!

Number Nine: Ask MyFridgeFood What To Eat

Sometimes you look into the fridge and you just can’t make up your mind on what to make for a snack, lunch, or dinner. But all is not lost. Visit MyFridgeFood and input your ingredients. The system instantly will tell you what to make!

Number Eight: One of the Best Life Hacks – Make The Elevator Move Faster By Pressing Those Two Buttons

If you’re in the elevator, and you hate the idea of it having to stop at every floor, you can avoid that. Press the close door and your floor number buttons at the same time and enjoy a faster ride as the elevator skips all the other floors.

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Number Seven: You Can Easily Beat Nervousness With Chewing Gum

There are those times when you’re feeling nervous and tense, and you really need to restore your calm. Just get some chewing gum. Your brain knows that you can’t be eating if you’re in danger, so it works to bring back the calmness and beat the nervousness because you’re now eating. Simple!

Number Six: Extend The Software Trial Period By Tweaking Your Computer

If you’ve installed software whose trial period is running out, you can extend the period by just changing the time setting on your computer to an earlier date. Just like that!

Number Five: Make An Alternative And Better Drink With Just Chocolate

Have you ever felt bored with all the energy drinks and are in search of another, better alternative? Well, you can actually make an even better energy drink with chocolate milk. In fact, chocolate milk will give you much more energy than most energy drinks!

Number Four: Get Some Honey And Stop Your Face From Breaking Out

If you notice that your face has started showing some breakouts and you want it to stop, all you need is some honey. Honey has a natural quality as an antibacterial agent, so dabbing some of it on an acne spot on your skin at night is a sure treatment.

Number Three: An iPad Charger Will Charge Your Phone Faster Than What You Have

It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. If you really want it charged fast, use an iPad charger. You’ll be back to 100% in no time!

Number Two: That Boredom-Induced Food Search Can Be Stopped With Water

If you find yourself looking into the fridge for something to eat too often, then you know you’ve got impulsive hunger that needs to be prevented. Just get a big glass of water and drink it all. The water will fill up your stomach and stop the food cravings.

Number One: Beat Your Boredom With A Crazy Text Message To A Stranger

You’re sitting there all bored and drooling at the walls and spaces, but you would welcome a few suggestions to save the situation. So, what can do you do about it? Well, you can actually spice up your time with just a little craziness. How about texting a random number and claiming you’re pregnant? Now you bet that would kill the boredom! Thanks for reading!

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