Top 10 Songs to Help Bring in the Summer

Top 10 Songs to Help Bring in the Summer

Top 10 Songs to Help Bring in the Summer

Contrary to what Ned Stark will have you believe, winter isn’t coming. We all beat the blues, and now we can welcome the sun. So slap on some sunscreen, put on your shades, grab yourself a cocktail, and most importantly listen to music that is going to make your summer as bright as the sun itself! Here are the top ten songs that will help get you into the summer mood.

Number Ten: “Ooh La La” by The Faces. Rod Stewarts’ band The Faces have a long list of great songs that will fit almost any situation. But when it comes to summertime, there is no question that “Ooh La La” really fits the bill. The opening guitar riff is instantly recognizable, and will make your foot start tapping instantly. Accompanied by Rods’ infamous husky voice this is a great song to have on while the sun is shining!

Number Nine: “Summertime” by Smoov (Feat. Roy Davis). No, not that Summertime! This one is by American hip-hop/dance chap Smoov, featuring vocals from Roy Davis. A great laid back track which has a great feel to it. The lyrics are suitably upbeat; reminding you that it’s the best time of year to have some fun, and with the fading horns and a funky bass riff looping throughout, the song will almost certainly make you yearn for the beach.

Number Eight: “Miami” by Will Smith. Ok, I couldn’t resist it. And as I couldn’t really have two songs with the same title, I opted for “Miami”. Don’t pretend you don’t love a bit of Will Smith, you’re not fooling anyone. Another song that practically emits heat, Smiths trademark feel good music is on top form here. Beaches, parties, women, drinks are all talked about here, as Will does what he does best, and puts a smile on your face.

Number Seven: “Big Sur” by The Thrills. Irish indies The Thrills first hit single “Big Sur” is a great summer song. A catchy banjo riff works really well with the 60’s/70’s vibe that the song gives off. The organ in the background adds a great summer fairground feel to the song, and vocalist Conor Deasys’ style is great here. You can practically smell the surf while this is playing. A great beach song.

Number Six: “Where Do I Begin” by The Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers are another outfit that could have a summer compilation of their own (“Let Forever Be” immediately springs to mind). But if you had to narrow it down a little more, I’d suggest “Where Do I Begin”. The track is very dream-like, with soft vocals, and some great ambience. The simple repeating lyrics and guitar slowly build to a climax that would perfectly compliment some Pimms.

Number Five: “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO. Ok, I’ll admit it; this one was a no-brainer. But it’s a classic. ELO really hit the nail on the head with this one. With the great pacing, karaoke favourite lyrics and a generally fun upbeat tempo, this will always go down well on a hot day. Summer has never been so catchy!

Number Four: “New Shoes” by Paulo Nutini. Now this is one of those songs that is perfect to put on as soon as you wake up. “New Shoes” tells you that you can have a good time, no matter what you’ve got in the bank; all you need is the right frame of mind. Listen to this on a sunny day, and I dare you to not want to grab the nearest person of the opposite sex, and just dance with them!

Number Three: “Twisting By The Pool” by Dire Straits. Summertime is the perfect time to go on holiday. Get a villa, one with a pool of course, and then spend your time dancing! Dire Straits have crafted a perfect Grease style song that really feels like it should be in a musical. The imagery the song conjures up is excellent, with great, fun lyrics, and a seemingly never-ending chorus. If you are near a pool, put this on and I’m sure everyone will break into a choreographed dance, with lots of twisting of course. 

Number Two: “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim. Fatboy Slim is yet another example of multiple summery songs.“Brimful Of Asha”, for example. But Praise You just takes the crown here. The now famous piano and bass of the song will put you in a good mood. It’s a great song that deserves to be played on a glorious day. It will make you think of someone special.

Number One: “Watch The Sun Come Up” by Example. British rapper Example’s song of a holiday romance perfectly complements the summer theme that it’s based on.  The piano loop in the song is simple but adds so much to the song. Coupled with the catchy chorus, and chimes, the song will make you think of past holidays, and make you eager to get on the next plane, to anywhere!

So there you have it, ten songs that will help you get in the mood for summer. I know I’ve left out some obvious ones (The Beach Boys, anyone?), but I think the ten above will encourage you to start planning your holidays for the coming sun. As always, you may not agree with some, or any, of the songs. So let me know what would be on your summer playlist, I’m always on the lookout for recommendations!

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