Top 10 Stars Who Pursued Underage Girls (Part 2)

Top 10 Stars Who Pursued Underage Girls (Part 2)

Top 10 Stars Who Pursued Underage Girls (Part 2)

Ready to find out even more stars who pursued underage girls? Keep reading, you might just happen across some surprising information and some disgustingly juicy secrets.

Number Five: Paul Walker. Famous for his roles in Fast and Furious, Paul Walker led a daring life. The one woman who will miss the late celebrity the most is the lady he was engaged to. Miss Jasmine Gosnell, however, was quite a bit younger. When they began dating, she was only sixteen, and he was thirty-three. He claimed to have known she was young, but their happy, seven-year-long relationship proved that she was worth the wait.

Number Four: Don Johnson. Don Johnson, known best for his acting in Miami Vice, began seeing actress Melanie Griffith when he was 22 years old. The young actress, however, was only fourteen at the time. They met when Griffith played an extra in a movie at the start of his career, and later moved in with him when she turned fifteen. When she reached the age of eighteen, they married and divorced each other after only six months. However, their love proved strong as they later remarried, and had daughter Anastasia who later became their acting prodigy.

Number Three: Chad Michael Murray. This star from One Tree Hill fell for the beauty and feminine ways of another actor from the show, Miss Teen U.S.A. runner-up Kenzie Dalton. At the beginning of their relationship, Chad was 24 and Kenzie was 17. When she turned 18, he proposed to her only months before his divorce with Sophia Bush was finalized. Their engagement lasted seven years before their break up.

Number Two: Karl Malone. Once a basketball icon, this retired star impregnated two women at the start of his career. Miss Gloria Bell was only thirteen at the time of her pregnancy while he was 20. Though he refused to acknowledge his fatherhood of the child, a paternity test made it clear that young Demetress Bell was his son.

Number One: Elvis Presley. When you’re the king of rock and roll, needless to say, you get your pick of the litter. For Elvis Presley, his pick was a young Miss Priscilla. When the two met, Elvis was quoted saying “she was just a baby”, at fourteen years of age. He was 24. She later moved in with him as she finished high school, and he married her when she was 21. Nine months later, out popped the princess of rock and roll, Lisa Marie.

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